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Amanda Wegner


amanda wegnerI first came to FTA as a private training client of BJ Bliffert’s, looking to lose weight and improve my health. Through following the FTA nutrition guidelines and training with BJ, I lost over 80 pounds and gained a new love for fitness and healthy living. Then, in May 2011, I attended a workshop hosted at FTA. At the beginning of that weekend, I was attending “just to learn”. By the end, I was hooked! In November, I competed for the first time and completed 113 reps of one arm long cycle with the 16kg. If I was hooked before, I was sunk by the time I got off the platform!!

In September 2012, I traveled to Russia and started training again in earnest with Aleksandr Khvostov, 5-time world champion and Russian record holder (and a great friend, too!). I was able to make some great strides fairly quickly and achieved Rank I (the 4th-highest rank in our sport) within two months of snatch training. In 2013 I became a member of the first official Team USA and traveled to Russia to compete in the World Championships.

Overall, I have competed 10 times- 3 times in Russia, 7 in the United States. 8 in snatch, 1 in long cycle. My personal bests are: 16kg long cycle – 119 reps. 24kg long cycle – 62 reps. 16kg snatch – 158 reps. 20kg snatch – 106 reps. 24kg snatch – 71 reps.

Outside of training, I am a recent graduate Magna Cum Laude of the University of North Texas (Fall 2013) with a degree in International Studies, minor in Russian. I have worked as a Russian tutor at my university, and briefly volunteered to work with bilingual children at the Russian School of Dallas.