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BJ & Kori Bliffert

BJ Bliffert

bj_full_throttleI became interested in fitness my sophomore year of high school. I was short and chunky, I had been for most of my life and was at the point that I wanted to make a change.  I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how people looked at me.  So, I started lifting weights after school and continued to do so through my senior year.  At the same time, I knew that I needed to educate myself in order to get the best results, so I started reading everything on the subject I could get my hands on.

After high school I went to college for business. the whole time I kept training and learning everything I could about fitness, fat loss, strength training…you name it. After one semester of studying business I knew I was doing the wrong thing, business just couldn’t keep my interest anymore, maybe it was the textbooks. I don’t know, all I wanted to do was learn more about how the body worked and how to manipulate it through different training methods. The next semester i started taking some basic anatomy and physiology courses, since this was all I had been reading in my spare time much of the info was review, but I knew this is what I wanted to do, I was hooked.

Funny thing. During college, although I was still training, I was considerably less active. I started to notice I was gaining quite a bit of weight and not all of it good. So, I picked it up. Trained harder, longer, heavier and started to diet. I tried just about everything under the sun. Everything that was being touted as the newest, best thing. But, nothing happened. I ate less, started doing more ‘cardio’ and noticed I lost weight, but my body didn’t look any different. I knew there had to be something out there, but I was getting frustrated. I had a degree in Fitness Management and Exercise Physiology but couldn’t seem to get my self to look good.

I was paging through a magazine, because that’s what you did before the internet, and came across kettlebell training. Now this was back in 2001, so kettlebells were unheard of, even more so than they are now. I thought “ what the heck” and ordered one.

It arrived a week later. After my first training session I knew this was going to be the tool that got me the results I had been trying to achieve. I started training and to round out my routine I added in some body weight calisthenics. Almost overnight it seemed like someone had flipped the fat burning switch. My body transformed, I was stronger, lean and had great cardio.

I knew right them I had found the format that I would use to help my clients obtain the body they were trying to build. The best part is it happens fast! This is the format we have incorporated into our Full Throttle approach to fitness and the results speak for themselves.

Being able to transform my body was extremely empowering and it literally changed my life, this is the feeling I want every single one of my clients to experience!

My mission is to use Full Throttle Athletics as a vehicle, “To provide customized fitness programs to help our clients Build their Bodies, Empower their minds and Change their Lives.”



Kori Bliffert

Kori-bikini-2From the time I was 8 years old I was fat. Or as my grandmother would say, I had a pretty face. In my family I have a cousin who is one day older than me. She was always the skinny, beautiful one who had all the great looking boyfriends and the one who stood out. Being compared to her on a daily basis by my aunts and uncles, not my parents, hurt to the point where I would eat more and more to suppress the sadness. I was and still am a “big portion girl”. I LOVE FOOD!!! And not only that, I use food to help me get through my sad times, my happy times, my angry times, my bored times, my…well you get the point, I am an emotional eater. Always have been, always will be.

Anyways back to me growing up fat. I remember my mom trying to put me on diets at the age of 10, trying to get me interested in sports and or exercise. Neither was happening. I wasn’t ready. I was happy eating junk and having a big bowl of ice cream for dessert late at night. I was happy until I didn’t make the cheerleading squad in eighth grade because well, I was fat. That is when the starvation diets started, the doing my mom’s aerobic VHS tapes started and the yo-yo dieting started. It wasn’t until college that I learned about these diet pills you could buy in stores! Which were basically huge amounts of caffeine in this little pill. . I thought this was great! They worked fast, I didn’t have to exercise and they chopped my hunger basically down to nothing. They worked until my body got used to them or I stopped using them. So again the yo-yo-ing of my weight happened all through college. I just figured that was how it was going to be.

Then after college I met BJ. BJ showed me and helped me understand that I have to eat well to lose fat and I have to exercise properly and with weights heavier than 5 pounds. I went from 145-129 pounds and a size 8 to a size 4 in jeans with in two months. I never weighed myself at my heaviest. All I know is my size 16 jeans were extremely tight. I couldn’t believe it and it was then I knew I wanted to become a fitness professional so I too could show the women of the world you can lose the weight with out crazy starvation diets and diet pills that make you want to climb walls!!

So I started studying and reading everything I could get my hands on or BJ would put in front of me. Then BJ introduced me to Kettlebells in 2001. These looked scary. These looked more like weapons or torture devices more than anything. But we studied them and learned how to use them properly. My butt has seriously NEVER looked better. And my arms….well let’s just say, I am proud of my wedding photos! Then after a couple years of working with the Kettlebellls, BJ and I decided to get certified to teach them. I love teaching women how to use Kettlebells and really any type of strength equipment we use. Women are so much stronger than they give themselves credit for and I love showing them the strength they have.