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Why fitness resolutions suck and how to set yourself up for success.


Well, it’s that time of year again.

If you’re like millions of people all over the world you’ve started to think about how you’re going to make 2015 your year, right?

You start thinking about ALL the things you’re going to change and how it’s going to lead to ultimate happiness.

And, if you’re like everyone else, one of the things you’re going to change (or attempt to change) is your body.

The most common New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, lose body fat, build some lean, toned muscle or maybe create the body of your favorite celebrity.

While I commend you for concisely trying to improve your health, this year probably won’t be any different than last year.


Because resolutions suck.  They just do.

We try to make wholesale changes by using the kitchen sink approach and before you know it, you’re burnt out.

So, to help you out, I have put together 3 things to avoid in order to help you finally get in shape this year and avoid the February 1 burnout that so many people hit:

Don’t change everything at once.

Like I said, the kitchen sink approach doesn’t work.  Your mind only has the capacity to do so much and make so many decision in one day.  Think of your ability to make decisions throughout the day like the gas tank on your car.  You start the day out with a full tank, but as the day wears on, your ability to make even the smallest decision starts to wane.  You can only make so many decisions on a given day, just like you can only drive so far on one tank of gas.

Start with a small habit you can maintain for a week.  Once you successfully complete a week, add another small change.  This gets you momentum, like a snowball rolling downhill. Continue this process and before you know it you’ve created a full blown avalanche of new, good habits.

This strategy eliminates your need to constantly decide on and implement ALL of these new changes you set for yourself on January 1.

Too much, Too soon.

With all the horrible misinformation out there floating around on infomercials, the internet and even in the marketing of “strip mall fitness” business.  (Think 24hour Fitness, OrangeTheory, Curves).  People tend to think they need to get their ass kicked in the gym 24/7/365.

While I enjoy a tough workout as much as the next guy, this isn’t the case.  In fact you should be striving to only achieve the Minimum Effective Dose.


Yeah, that’s right.  The body adapts to stress (read that as builds fitness with exercise being the stressor) on a model of progressive overload.

Progressive is the key word.  If you start at the most intense activity, where do you progress to?

The answer is, you don’t.  You either get hurt, burn out to plateau.

Have a Plan.

Most people start with resolutions that are too vague.

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to get toned.”

“I want to eat better.”

“I want to exercise more.”

By not creating a finite goal and setting benchmarks and checkpoints along the way it’s literally impossible to achieve a goal.

Think of a road trip, for me I think about driving back to Milwaukee from Frisco.  I know that If I’m going to make it in 16 hours I need to be in certain places by certain times.  I should be in Joplin, MO in five hours, St Louis in 10 hours and leaving that God forsaken state of Illinois and crossing in Wisconsin in 15 hours.

If you have a goal of losing 20 pounds, you need a plan and checkpoints to ensure you are on course to hit your goal.

Since I’m anti-quick fix, I say about 20 weeks to lose 20 pounds is reasonable.  So a pound a week, but more importantly in 10 weeks you should be down 10lbs and be able to maintain it. There’s no point in rushing and being forced to back track or worse yet, start over.

I know I have only given you 3 things here, but they are important.  I also understand that they can seem a little overwhelming and require a god amount of planning on your part.

Luck for you, there’s a fourth strategy.

Save your decision making power and you time by having someone else plan for you.

Lucky for you I do all of this for you as a coach.  I take all the thinking out of it and all you need to do is implement.

Super simple.  Show up, do the work.

In fact we are getting ready to launch our 21 day Holiday Detox program which is the ideal way to set yourself up for success and kick start your results.

Included is a detailed nutrition program to raise your metabolism and turn your body in to fat burning furnace.

For those of you that are not clients already, we have a special offer that includes training sessions throughout the program as well.

When combined, these two components act in synergy to accelerate your results.  It’s almost as if 1 + 1 = 3.

Click this link and get yourself signed up for the 21 Day Holiday Detox Challenge.

Start 2015 off right!

The “Major Lifts”

“The Major Lifts”

What’s really going on ….and what’s the benefit?

Body-building and women’s ‘fitness’/health magazines have complicated strength training to the point that every man believes he needs to do at least 5 different exercises for his biceps and triceps alone, and that women need to do 10 different localized ‘glute’ and ‘ab’ exercises to ‘firm’ and ‘tone’ these areas.

Take notice: In TORQUE, you work ALL major & minor muscle groups…and you work them hard! You get all the hormonal benefits of strength training, since those come from the big-muscle exercises. No muscles missed–no time wasted!

The best muscle building exercises are the ones that use your muscles the way they’re designed to work. Also, exercises that use lots of muscles in coordinated action are better than those that force muscles to work in isolation. Muscles are not designed to work in isolation. Your body has no reason to develop muscle groups out of proportion to other muscles on the body…that would make you biomechanically dysfunctional, and your body will resist that!


Perhaps the most useful exercise you can perform with weights. Once you learn to lift barbells, kettle bells, or dumb bells off the floor with proper form (protecting the back), you will be able to lift everything with good form (whether it’s a paperclip off the floor or a heavy couch). Your body has to use almost every major muscle group in a deadlift (with the exception of chest). The prime movers are the gluteals and hamstrings. Quads get involved a bit as knees are somewhat bent at the beginning of the lift. Lower back and midsection have to stay tight and work like hell to keep the spine where it should be. Your trapezius also works overtime as it pulls your shoulder blades together. Gripping muscles get a workout in addition to your biceps and triceps (muscular link between shoulders and forearms).

Always FOCUS when deadlifting. Do not let your back, even for a second, slip out of natural shape, which could include an arch in the lumbar spine (no rounded backs).

Deadlifts = the GOLDEN Exercise



Squats are used in workout programs for athletes in virtually every sport requiring lower body strength and power. Squats are both a quad-dominant exercise and an exercise that incorporates gluteal and hamstring power. A traditional squat emphasizes action at the knee joint over hip movement. Quad involvement is greatest at the bottom of the movement, when the lifter is just starting the ascent back to the starting position. Hamstring involvement is greatest when the lifter is about 1/3 of the way to the top.

Many lifters short-change themselves on the squat by not descending all the way to the point at which their upper thighs are parallel to the floor. You should always try to lower yourself to parallel, even if it means using lighter weights than you’d use if you stopped short. Work those glutes!



A pushing exercise can be anything from bench press, to shoulder press, to a dip. These pushing motions all use the same muscles, with some variations based on particular regions of individual muscle groups. Almost all of the ‘push’ muscles work on the shoulder joint (glenohumeral joint). The chest’s major muscle, the pectoralis major, has upper (clavicular), middle (sternocostal), and lower (fibers originate from top of abdominal muscles). The deltoid (front shoulder) is involved in all forms of bench press, as well as overhead presses. Another visibly important pushing muscle is the tricep (3-headed muscle that straightens elbows when bent): yes, benching and pressing work all 3 heads—so, no need for tricep kick-backs.

Yes, ALL this benefit from simply PUSHING heavy objects away from the body!


If you had to choose one major exercise as the most crucial in fighting the continued disintegration of  adult posture, you would be wise to choose the pull. Generations ago, physical labor involved pulling—now most people spend 8-10 hours a day sitting, driving, and/or hunching over a keyboard and mouse. Will pulling movements fix postural problems created by 8-10 hours of sitting?..probably not. What pulling exercise WILL do, however, is provide you awareness of the way the muscles in your upper back are supposed to feel when they’re pulling your shoulders back. From there, it’s up to you to remind yourself to square your shoulders.

Major muscles involved include the latissimus dorsi, the trapezius, and your biceps. The contraction of you middle traps (scapular contraction) has the most effect on your posture.

“What is TORQUE? How can I test drive the program?”

Discover your inner athlete at Full Throttle Athletics

Take a look at most athletes and you will see that along with improved performance comes great fitness results.  In fact, most of us strive to obtain the look of an athlete.  We don’t have the desire to be big and bulky like a bodybuilder (guys, no problem if you do!), however we will take strong, lean and defined like an athlete.

Don’t consider yourself a competitive person by nature? No worries. The competitive itch is not a prerequisite to the TORQUE program—only the desire to set your own PRs (personal record) at each and every session.

“What is TORQUE?”

TORQUE is a complete fitness solution formulated around Full Throttle’s 4 Factors of Fitness.  Emphasis is placed on consistent gains in strength to build a lean, toned physique that ramps up your metabolism and burns more calories, even at rest. In addition to a strong metabolic training component, TORQUE increases cardiovascular fitness and overall performance to create a synergistic environment in which your fat cells cannot survive.

The combination of mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery creates a systematic approach that enables our clients to experience results at a rapid pace.

  • Mentality: It all comes down to goals, actions and behaviors.  If your actions and behaviors don’t align with your goals, it doesn’t matter how much you want something, it isn’t going to happen. Before you even lift a single weight in TORQUE, you will have the opportunity to meet with an FTA Success Coach in your initial Success Session to map out your unique goals, and to develop an action plan for these goals.


  • Movement: Everyone knows they need to exercise.  But, do they know how to do it correctly, safely and,most importantly, in the right doses? Just like drugs and medications, exercise causes specific reactions in the body.  And, just like drugs and medications, too much of a good thing (or in the case of exercise, a good intention) can lead to some harmful effects. Within the TORQUE program, you will perform a complete Fitness Diagnostic that enables FTA Coaches to identify any asymmetries or weaknesses that need addressed to ensure that you are not only safe, but also functioning at your most optimal level. Coaches take the time to find your beginning strength levels and ensure that you are comfortable with your lifts from day 1.


  • Nutrition: The pillar people love to hate. People love to over-complicate nutrition, but the green box says it all. You need a specific amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Yes, you need all three.  The zero carb diet thing is not sustainable and derives the body, specifically your brain, of a major fuel source. When you decide that TORQUE is the training program for you, you will receive FTA’s complete nutrition guide prior to beginning to the program. At your initial Success Session, you will review the nutrition guide alongside your nutrition log to ensure that you have the necessary tools for beginning your journey toward nutritional compliance. We also understand that the journey to nutritional compliance is full of wrong turns and bumpy roads—it is for this reason that we offer a plethora of nutritional workshops and seminars throughout the year to keep you on track!


  • Recovery: The most misunderstood pillar is recovery–this is unfortunate, because it’s easily the most important. More is not better. Taking the proper steps to aid in recovery is crucial to your progress.  A Full Throttle approved Post- Workout shake jumpstarts the process, we recommend having this waiting for you at the end of your training session. Everybody should own a foam roller and use it on a daily basis.  Extra care and stretching of tight muscles and a monthly massage will go a long way to ensure you are in tip top shape and prepared to press on.


So..NOW are you ready to discover your inner athlete at Full Throttle Athletics?

As we previously mentioned, increases in overall performance are accompanied by noticeable changes in physique: decreased body fat, increased muscular definition and tone, and a gradual transformation to the athletic figure that we all strive to achieve.

I need to lose 25-50 pounds. Won’t I benefit from more cardio?

Popular fitness magazine would have you believe that is the case. Science has proven, and we have seen through experience, that a properly designed fitness program- complete with strength and metabolic training- beats pure cardio any day


What if I have an injury or limitation?”

Using our unique assessment process, we are able to, instead of working around a client’s limitations, address these limitations head on. At FTA, we do not believe in ‘adding fitness to dysfunction’. By using a proven template design with built-in progressions, any client can successfully experience results within the TORQUE program.  The programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.


“Will I get bulky?”

No—exactly the opposite. Contrary to popular belief, strength training (and specifically free-weight training) creates a tight, toned, sleek, and sexy female physique.


“I’ve never used free weights before…”

No problem—we actually prefer that. This way, we can teach you proper form and technique from day 1. You will have no bad habits to break!


“Do I need to get in shape before joining TORQUE?

No. In fact, TORQUE is the perfect place to start! Unlike large group exercise, our team personal training philosophy allows us to meet every client no matter where they land on the fitness spectrum.

The TORQUE program is not something that you ‘graduate to’. We feel that it is where everyone should start.


“Is TORQUE just for men? Is it just for women? How many athletes train within one session?”

TORQUE sessions are delivered in teams of up to 15 athletes per session. Both men and women participate in the TORQUE program. Although they may have different goals, their goals can be achieved through application of almost identical exercise stimulus!

Within teams of this size, you will have the opportunity to continue to build a strong community and experience increased accountability alongside other athletes striving toward the same performance-based goals.


“I am training for a half or full marathon. Will this type of training improve my running performance?”

Undoubtedly, yes! If you are preparing for any type of long-distance running competition, we suggest incorporating structured strength training  into your training regimen to improve your performance. Strength training with free weights will enable you to decrease your running volume—which results in less pounding on your joints. It will also increase your muscular endurance—a critical component within endurance sports. We also provide long-distance runners with additional mobility and tissue quality exercises to decrease the likelihood of overuse injuries.


If you are interested in experiencing the TORQUE strength and metabolic conditioning program, FTA offers a 28 Day Test drive for only $99! Email to schedule your free consultation.



Full Throttle Athletics Kettlebell Sport Academy

   COMING DECEMBER 14th, 2013:

The North Texas Open Kettlebell Competition


Full Throttle Athletics is excited to announce that, this December, we will be hosting the North Texas Open Kettlebell Competition!


The Competition will be operated by fellow  kettlebell sport club, the Orange Kettlebell Club from Orange County, California.

Although still a few months away, the competition has already received dozens of registrations from kettlebell athletes all over the country! This event is guaranteed to be an incredible culmination of kettlebell sport athletes (both seasoned and beginner), and enthusiastic supporters from both the local area and the global kettlebell community.

As Russian kettlebell sport continues to gradually permeate American sport and fitness culture, we continue to experience an exciting increase in the number of new kettlebell athletes within clubs  across the country. Full Throttle Athletics can attest to this as FTA Coaches  have witnessed its members transition from curious clients, to tentative kettlebell  ‘test-drivers’, to kick-butt kettlebell athletes with an insatiable craving for advancement in the sport! This reoccurring phenomenon is exactly what makes Russian kettlelbell sport so incredible. Anyone that contains that small, burning desire to seek a competitive outlet will discover a new world of mental and physical challenges within competitive kettlebell sport.

 BJ Kettlebell close-up

At this time—a short description and basic explanation of kettlebell sport will be helpful for those that may not be familiar with the sport:

Kettlebell competitions are an exciting battle against the clock! Simply stated: the athlete with the most repetitions performed over the course of 10 minutes…WINs! Intriguingly, the simplicity of the sport should never be confused for any degree of effortlessness. The gracefulness of the more seasoned, professional athletes is a result of years (or decades) of practice perfecting technique, improving overall physical and mental strength, and increasing aerobic power output. Despite the seasoned athletes’ ability to appear relaxed (an acquired skill), each athlete on the platform is pushing their individual limits in an attempt to set new personal records.

Disciplines within kettlebell sport include:

(1) Long Cycle (clean & jerk combination)

(2) Snatch

(3) Jerk

(4) Biathlon (2 disciplines within 1 meet): 10’ jerk & 10’ snatch; athletes are provided at least 30 minutes rest between heats.

Athletes within each discipline compete within classes determined by age, kettlebell weight, and weight of the athlete (similar to wrestling/MMA weight class divisions).

For a quick visual, check out this short video showing FTA Owner and Kettlebell Coach BJ Bliffert performing the jerk with two 24kg kettlebells, FTA Coach Erin Walker performing the Snatch with a 16kg kettlebell, and FTA Kettlebell Club Coach Amanda Wegner performing long cycle (one arm) with a 24kg kettlebell (click the pic)

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.05.49 PM

For the above mentioned disciplines, athletes are allowed only one hand switch in the single-arm kettlebell events. However, the North Texas Kettlebell Open will also offer beginning athletes the opportunity to participate in a 5 minute, multiple-hand-switch event with kettlebells as light as 8 kgs! ANYONE can participate in this event, regardless of experience or skill level!


Quick recap:


FULL THROTTLE ATHLETICS hosts the NORTH TEXAS KETTLBELL OPEN, operated by the ORANGE KETTLEBELL CLUB. Right here in your backyard!


BUT WAIT! We know….You are craving an opportunity to get a bell in your hands and see what all the talk is about!

  • Do you absolutely love the thought of immersing yourself in the challenges are rewards that accompany kettlebell sport?
  • Would you greatly value the opportunity to become part of a team of supportive, competitive, motivated individuals?
  • If you have even an inkling of a competitive streak within you, and you do not currently have an outlet for your competitive edge, NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.10.30 PM


In conjunction with the North Texas Kettlebell Open, Full Throttle Athletics is now opening registration for the FTA Kettlebell Sport Academy!

The Full Throttle Kettelbell Academy is an excellent way to prepare for this competition! Receive semi-private technique lessons from an experienced kettlebell sport lifter/coach twice a week for a full 6 weeks. Then become an athlete within the FTA Kettlebell Club for an entire month [The Team Experience] leading right up to the competition!

  • The Academy will take place from Monday, October 7th  through November 13th (6 weeks)
  • 6 Weeks of semi-private kettlebell sport instruction scheduled for Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm- 8pm.
  • 4 Weeks ( Nov. 18- Dec. 14) of the Team Experience at no additional charge! Flexible training times available Mon-Friday (am & pm available). Come train alongside FTA’s Kettlebell Club athletes and continue to receive unparalleled Russian kettlebell sport coaching as the team prepares for December 14th!
  • All North Texas Kettlebell Open registration fees/dues will be included in the cost of the Academy


  • The Academy is limited to only 10 athletes! Registration will close after the first 10 participants have completed the registration process.

  • Academy cost is: $99- FTA Clients

                                            $199- FTA Guests

                Early Registration dates: September 18- 27 (midnight deadline). Receive 15% discount during early registration.

                Registration closes on October 4th (midnight), OR when 1o registrations are received.

FTA Kettlebell Club


Once again, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Register NOW to reserve your spot in the Full Throttle Athletics Kettlebell Sport Academy.



Click here for more information about the North Texas Open Kettlebell Compettion:

‘Like’ the Full Throttle Kettlebell Club here:

New Year New You Transformation Challenge

Have you been looking for a good reason to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life?

Full Throttle Athletics


We are going to give you the secrets to fat loss that no one wants to share with you! We are going to put you on the fast track to success! We are going to give you that reason!

Over the course of 8 weeks, now that the kids are back in school, FTA is holding a New Year New You Transformation Challenge!

We will be holding our New Year New You Transformation Challenge Kick Off Meeting on January 5th at 8AM to give you all the secrets to fat loss that the rest of the industry doesn’t want you know! We are going to give you every last bit of information that you will need to make sure that you get the most out of the upcoming 8 weeks and look your best for the New Year!

The Kick Off Meeting will take place at Full Throttle Athletics on January at 8AM.

Call 469.362.0453 to reserve your spot today!

The contest will run from January 7th to march 2nd. Cash prizes are up for grabs for both the best Male and Female transformations!

Get more info here:


Have you been looking for a good reason to transform your body and get in the best shape of your life?

Full Throttle Athletics


We are going to give you the secrets to fat loss that no one wants to share with you! We are going to put you on the fast track to success! We are going to give you that reason!

Over the course of 8 weeks, now that the kids are back in school, FTA is holding a Back to School Transformation Challenge!

We will be holding our Back to School Transformation Challenge Kick Off Meeting on September 8th at 8AM to give you all the secrets to fat loss that the rest of the industry doesn’t want you know! We are going to give you every last bit of information that you will need to make sure that you get the most out of the upcoming 8 weeks and look your best for the summer!

The Kick Off Meeting will take place at Full Throttle Athletics on September 8th at 8AM.

Call 469.362.0453 to reserve your spot today!

The contest will run from September 10th to November 2nd. Cash prizes are up for grabs for both the best Male and Female transformations!

Get more info here:

A Revolution From Over Zealous Parents and Coaches

Below is a guest post from Robert Blackford, Full Throttle Athletics member and Athletic Revolution parent.

Athletic Revolution at Full Throttle Athletics: A Revolution From Over Zealous Parents and Coaches

There are certain times in your life that give you pause to stop and say: WOW…..ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!

You aren’t sure if you should be mad, embarrassed or ashamed…..this is one of those times.

Read this article:

In short, it’s the misdirected rant, spit, grit and drill sergeant-esqe pep talk of a football coach…….directed at (WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT)  8 year olds in Frisco, TX.  Ugh.

As a 10 year resident of Frisco this article surprised me but wasn’t entirely shocking.  Our family has participated in organized team sports playing coaching and supporting from ages 4 on for our two children.

Are we passionate?


Do we offer cheers, advice and criticism at practice and games?

Absolutely.  Is it as important to participate, learn, grow, and both lose and win?  All equally.  But there is a level where it’s beyond too far.  The article above is evidence.

A world apart from the ridiculous behavior referenced in the ESPN article is the weekly program our age 10 and 6 children participate in: Athletic Revolution Frisco (AR).  Agility, health, strength, fitness, coordination, and flexibility are the byproducts of what the kids think is nothing more than…well FUN.

We joined what appeared to be this professional yet simple, no frills gym at Full Throttle Athletics in Frisco/ Little Elm in 2010-2011.  We learned about flexibility, nutrition, strength and endurance.   Then we eagerly signed up the kids when the gym launched Athletic Revolution, their youth sports program.

After personally observing the interaction with the AR coaches, I can say it’s a revolution from the rant above.  Positive reinforcement, actual hands-on coaching and mentoring are the fundamentals taught to AR Champions.

Results: faster, stronger and smarter to form the foundation of some lifelong habits.  Their progressive nature and sound methodology coupled with everyday sporting fun makes for a great combination.  Now the kids look at it like a trip to the park!

Want a revolution from the norm, checkout AR at Full Throttle. You won’t be disappointed.

— Robert D. Blackford

Frisco Youth May not need Early Specialization

Hey Everyone, Coach BJ here:

Here is a great article wriiten my my friend Wil Flemming, fellow Athletic Revolution Coach.


For those of you that don’t know, Athletic Revolution is the leading Youth Athletics training facility in the country and we are ecstatic to use their methods in our facility.


One of the tenants in AR is focusing on building a base of general athleticism and growing toward specialization as the athlete ages.  Think about the shape of a pyramid.  Wide base (building a good overall athlete), sharp point (specialization).


Wil shows that much research shows that early specialization in youth athletes, though done with good intent, doesn’t always lead to the success parents hope for.


Here’s Wil:

As coaches and owners of Athletic Revolution facilities we no doubt know about the pitfalls of early specialization when it comes to young athletes. 

Despite much evidence that early specialization can lead to higher levels of burnout and dropout, many coaches still believe that the only way athletes can reach 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is to begin specialization at an extremely early age. 

Recently several researchers (Moesch, Elbe, Haube and Wikman) published a very interesting article in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Sport Science examining just this theory and has amazing implications for the coaching in your AR. 

The researchers asked elite athletes and near elite athletes to answer questions about their experiences in athletics regarding their training and practice throughout their career. 

  • The near-elite athletes actually accumulated more hours of training than the elite athletes prior to age 15. 

  • By age 18 the elite athletes had accumulated an equal number of hours training to the near elite athletes. 

  • From age 18-21 elite athletes accumulate more training hours than near elite athletes. 

  • Elite athletes said that they passed significant points in their career (first competition, starting a sport) at later dates than the near elite athletes. 

This reporting suggests that athletes do need to accumulate great amounts of hours training to get to an elite status, but also suggest that the critical time may not be extremely early in their career. Rather, it suggests that after a period of great diversification in athletic endeavors, athletes will ultimately be more successful. 

As far as implications in our AR it is easy to see that we can play a very important role in developing athletes at a critical period in young athletes’ lives. Both before the age of 15 but also in a period that has been shown in this study to be the most crucial in determining ultimate success (age 15-18). 

Not all of the athletes, in fact very few of the athletes, that we encounter will reach the elite, national team status, but all of the athletes we work with deserve the best programming and coaching that we can provide. AR can provide this exact system to each and every athlete we encounter. 

 Hope you enjoyed it!
Dont forget about our Youth Performance Academy starting upo in a few weeks, check it out by following this link: Athletic Revolution Frisco Youth Performance Academy

Frisco Youth Speed and Agility Summer Camps

Athletic Revolution Frisco/Full Throttle Athletics will be offering Youth Speed and Agility Camps throughout the summer break to help Frisco’s Youth Athletes prepare for their upcoming sports seasons.

Camps will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays at the times listed below.  Athletes will be split into groups for 6-9 years of age and 10-13 years of age.

Each Camp will have limited spaces available to ensure each child get the attention they deserve.  We believe in quality of coaching over quantity of Athletes.  More Camp times will be added if demand dictates.

Camp 1:

July 11 – July 28th, 2011 Camp meets Tuesdays & Thursdays

8 -9:50AM —>>>>  6 – 9 years old

10 – 11:50AM —>>> 10-13 years old

Camp 2:

August 1 -August 19th, 2011    Camp meets Tuesdays & Thursdays

8 -9:50AM —>>>>  6 – 9 years old

10 – 11:50AM —>>> 10-13 years old

Price is $249 per camp, must be registered for July camp by July 8th

Register online HERE.

IKSFA Kettlebell Workshop w/ Russian Champion, Frisco TX

We are pleased to inform you that July 9-10, 2011,in Frisco, TX, International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA) will be hosting a 2-day USA Elite Kettlebell Training Camp. “ Kettlebell Sport Coach,Level 1 Certification”. The course is approved by ACE, 1.6 CEU and NASM, 1.6 CEU

This is the first course in a two-course sequence providing a comprehensive understanding of the three specific lifts of Kettlebell Sport – the Jerk,Snatch and Long Cycle. Technique and teaching methods will be thoroughly analyzed. Subtleties of technique for different body types will be addressed. General and specific physical preparation for the sport will be discussed and practiced to optimize competitive performance potential. Attendees acquire an understanding of the implementation of efficient individual technique of Kettlebell Sport.

Your World Champion Instructors will be:
– Sergey Rachinskiy (Russia)
IKSFA President, HMS, MSWC, Honored Coach of Russia, 9-time World Champion, 12-time Champion of Russia, Guinness World Record Holder.

– Sergey Rudnev (Russia)
HMS, MSWC, Honored Coach of Russia, 5-time World Champion, 5-time Champion of Russia.

Brief schedule of Elite Kettlebell Training Camp in Frisco:

Day 1. The Jerk
Learning technique of a Jerk
Methodology of teaching technique of a Jerk
The role of GPP
The role of SPP

Day 2. The Snatch
Learning technique of a Snatch
Methodology of teaching technique of a Snatch
The role of GPP »
The role of SPP

Day 3. The Long Cycle
Learning technique of a Long Cycle
Methodology of teaching technique of a Long Cycle
The role of GPP
The role of SPP

We looking forward to seeing you at this outstanding event and invite you to attend Elite Kettlebell Training Camp in the North Dallas suburb of Frisco, TX.

* Attendance limited please register soon to secure your spot.
* Level: intermediate
* Course fee: $695

You may register online at

Copy the content of this link into the Contact Us page and complete. You will be e-mailed a login and password and will be able to finish the registration process.

When: July 9-10, 2011

1. Application Form is here:

2. Please fill an Application Form and submit through “Contact”

3. Registration and Payment is here:

Map to Full Throttle Facility:

View Larger Map