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From Behind The Iron Curtain, A Program That Can Help You Craft A Lean & Sleek Muscular Body While Driving Your Cardio Through The Roof…

Discover Our Unique Kettlebell Training Program right here in Frisco, Texas!

Once you’re done reading this, I hope it will become clear why most kettlebell programs and personal trainers using and teaching kettlebells are falling short of the potential offered by this awesome tool.

How Going To Russia, Twice, Opened My Eyes To Proper Kettlebell Training

On May 17th, 2011 my wife, Kori, and I boarded a plane for St Petersburg, Russia. I was excited and nervous but also hungry to learn even more about effective Kettlebell training and how it was done in the Kettlebells motherland.

I was tired of marketing gimmicks and “flavor of the month” fat loss & muscle building books that were being released in countless numbers, mostly by “celebrity trainers” jumping on the band wagon.

I crossed an ocean to attend a 5 day intensive training camp lead by Sergey Rudnev, multiple-time Kettlebell World Champion, Champion of Russian, Honored coach of Russia and Head of the Russian Far East Military Academy’s physical training.

I had met Coach Rudnev earlier that year in Los Angles at a workshop.  After the workshop the translator said, “If you are able to come to St. Petersburg in May, can you come three days early?  Coach Rudnev will be giving private training to select students and he’d like to invite you.”

How do you say no to that?

8 Days of training and learning form the best in the world!

This makes me one of less than 15 Americans to attend this Kettlebell Training camp!

I couldn’t wait to learn more the methods that Eastern Bloc athletes had been using for decades, to not only out-perform their Western counterparts at every turn, but to build the long, lean & toned muscular build.

Fast forward to May 2014, it was back to Russia.  This time an invite from 5 Time World Champion Lifter, Denis Vasiliev and Honored Master of Sport and Honored Coach of Russia Sergey Rachinskiy to participate in a 3 day training camp and to compete in the White Nights Kettlebell Competition and the European Championships.

Two full weeks of life in Russia only opened my eyes even more, and the largest take away was simpler is always better and typically more effective.

I may be getting ahead of myself, back up a few steps…

I got my first Kettlebell in late 2001 or early 2002, long before they became a mainstream fitness tool in this country and before most personal trainers had even heard of them.

Since then, I have moved and transplanted my fitness coaching business, Full Throttle Athletics here in Frisco, Texas.  I’ve co-authored an International Best Selling Fitness Book, “Total Body Breakthroughs” and have been featured in USA Today as a World Fitness Elite Trainer of Year.

I started out kettlebell training like most early adopters at the time, using the techniques that were marketed to us as authentic Russian Kettlebell techniques….secrets from behind the Iron Curtain!

In the west we tend to like new fads, trends and always have a more is better attitude.  Many of the western Kettlebell products and courses focus on the number of exercises you can do with a kettle bell.  And, this isn’t a lie.  With a little imagination you can perform lots of exercises with kettlebells.

When I become interested in something I tend to go overboard…

So, I started reading everything I could find about kettlebells and kettlebell training.

Through my research, I started studying what the “Real Russians” did and how they trained with kettlebells.  I was amazed that the majority of the exercises we were told were authentic Russian kettlebell exercises early on by the Kettlebell Gurus, were in fact nothing of the sort and many where just plain made up.

I learned the Russian system focused on simplicity.  And the fact of matter is some fitness tools are just better geared for certain things.

What I saw in Russia confirmed my research, and what I had long suspected regarding the Western Kettlebell programs and “experts”.


More isn’t better, it’s just more?  We have more fitness options than ever before and our population is still fat and out of shape!

What if less was more?

What if whittling away all the fluff and focusing on the core kettlebell exercises were all it took to change my clients’ bodies, improve my kettlebell athletes’ performance on the day of the meet or improve traditional athletes conditioning levels.

For decades in Russia, the people were forced to get more out of less; it was just a way of life.  And frankly, after visiting, it still is.  The kettlebell program we were taught mirrored that “Russian Simplicity”.

The whole 8 days I was in Russia, we focused on 3 exercises, that’s right 3!  But the power of this tool isn’t in the number of exercises you can do with it….

…. the power is in what the exercises can do for you!

Western Kettlebell Training is often all show and no GO…

Many of the programs that are marketed to personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts in the west are nothing more modified fitness routines with kettlebells being used as an awkward shaped dumbbell.

The result is personal trainers not knowing how or not willing to learn the correct way to apply this tool for their clients.  They’re simply unwilling to take the steps necessary to educate themselves and check their egos.

Their focus becomes how “HARDCORE” their workout can be and “smoking” their clients (or “victims”, as they call them) , reducing them into a curled up mess in a pool of sweat, huffing and puffing trying to catch their breath.

Unfortunately for you, the client, your program is limited with one dimensional motor patterns… you simply aren’t being taught how to use kettlebells correctly.  And you’re not getting the full potential out of your program and this powerful fitness tool.

The marketing gurus and “organizations” that are supposed to teach personal trainers how to use these tools know how lazy the typical Athletic Center and 24 hour gym trainer is, and they cater to them with the sole intention of cashing in on a big pay day every weekend they “certify” the next group willing to fork over the cash.

Trust me when I say, a trainer who’s only experience in kettlebells is a weekend certification is not fit to teach some one how to use this tool safely.  Often times these “trainers” have no exercise physiology education either…

You get inferior training from a trainer that was never taught correct technique.

So What’s The Solution?

What is someone supposed to do if they really want to learn how to use kettbells, but doesn’t want to learn from an inexperienced, or undereducated trainer?

What is someone who lives in Frisco or the surrounding North Texas area supposed to do if they’re a former athlete looking for a new competitive endeavor, like Kettlebell Sport?

Where are you supposed to learn?

Because I’m passionate about Kettlebell Training I’ve started the North Texas Kettlebell Club…

What I’d like to share with you is what I have learned in the last decade of my study of kettlebell training.  I have put together, what I feel, is the best mix to exercises and left out the fluff.  You get the most bang for your buck.  Not all western kettlebell methods are bad, but they are far from all good and they are incredibly lacking in the area of proper technique!

And while our primarily focuses on training for the sport of Kettlebell Lifting, the same techniques can help you build your body into a fine tuned and toned machine.

Because I’ve put in the time, and the travel, you donʼt have to. By using the techniques I’ve developed for my clients and kettlebell athletes, you can expect a wide variety of benefits, including…

  •   Accelerated fat loss from the combined cardio & strength training benefits of Kettlebell Training
  •   Long, lean and sleek muscular development. Not that bulky bodybuilder look.
  •   Functional carryover into your sport or occupation
  •   Better coordination and timing in all physical tasks
  •   And even a ramped up metabolism from increase lean body mass.

Our Secret — Simplicity, Progression and Proper Technique

Itʼs important that your coach understands how instill the above qualities in you program. Unfortunately, that’s a rarity in most kettlebell programs.

Male bravado and the illusion of looking “hardcore’ are the qualities that most “Russian Kettlebell Certified” trainers are most concerned with displaying.

If you stick to those “other” programs, you’ll eventually either get bored and give up, your body will begin to break down due to the misapplication of high tension techniques or overuse injuries.  You’ll inevitably reach an unbreakable plateau in your progress and be riddled with achy joints.

Trust me, that was me when I trusted the marketing gurus and fell for their gimmicks.  I thought achy shoulders and tight back were just part of the game until I learned a better way.  Now, I’m looking forward to training into old age with my kettlebells.

Why Technique and Programming Are Key To Kettlebell Lifting Success

This is truly the key to success.

We’ve worked with well over 200 people that “learned” kettlebells from a class at an Athletic Center in Frisco, another large corporate gym or a cross fit type gym.  These kettlebell trainers focus on going hard too soon and constantly push their poor technique on you.  On top of that they bombard you with too many exercises, so you never really get good enough at any of them to get results!

It usually takes longer to un-teach all the bad habits they’ve developed.

Essentially, it boils down to starting with a simple movement and adding small pieces onto it.  Incrementally learning the exercises stops you from going too hard too soon and trying exercises that you just aren’t prepared to do.

Learning to use your hips, glutes and legs to move the weight rather than heaving it overhead with the low back and shoulders is key to you kettlebell success and staying injury free.

Applying some simple physics to the equation helps you move the weight more efficiently.  This allows you to do more reps. More reps = a highly level of fitness!

These traditional Russian techniques I learned from my Russian colleagues and coaches have been refined many times over by the leading (former) Soviet Sports Scientists.

Once the basics are down, we progress you through a simple yet brutally effective training protocol guaranteed to reshape your body and skyrocket your fitness level.

Like almost everything that has come out of Mother Russia, the simplicity of the kettlebell is it’s most beautiful quality.

During the “Race to the Moon” it was said the Americans will build a “Cadillac” to the moon, the Russians will get there in a “tin can”.  The Russians and former Soviet Bloc countries don’t waste time on fluff.

Real kettlebell training focuses on the 3 core lifts that are contested in Kettlebell Sport, also known as Girevoy Sport, my program provides this same no nonsense approach to improving your fitness.

  • The Snatch
  • The Jerk
  • Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk)

If you’re willing to put in the effort, as with any other fitness program, you can expect that fat to drip off your body as you reshape a lean and sleek muscularity. Youʼll also notice your technique becoming more refined as your timing and coordination sharpens.   Not to mention you develop cardio that will rival any athlete.

Whether you’re an athlete, a soldier, a police officer or just a regular guy or gal who wants to look and feel great, kettlebell training can be perfect for you, if you do it with proper technique.  The techniques refined by Russian Sports Scientists for decades.

I Guess The Only Question Now Is…

Are You READY To Take ACTION?  Possibly Unleash Your Inner Athlete?

If so, my Team and I are ready to coach you through one of the only Authentic Russian Kettlebell programs available in the country, and it’s right on your back yard, Frisco, Texas. You will gain toned muscle, lose fat, and become more coordinated as you progress through the workouts.

People tell me all the time, “I think I want to learn on my own.”

Only to come back after a few weeks of frustrating practice.

You could spend years in the birthplace of the kettlebell, studying traditional methods used by Russian athletes and warriors behind the iron curtain. You could sift through hundreds of research papers and consult with countless experts in exercise science to find THE most effective protocols and movement patterns to apply to the kettlebell. You could spend thousands of hours in the trenches testing your ideas on yourself.

You could DEFINITELY do all that. But why bother? I’ve already done it for you, and I’ve condensed all my findings into THIS program. Instead of conducting years of exhaustive research, you could simply…

  •   Start working with a PROVEN kettlebell program TODAY
  •   Piggyback on my years of study
  •   Sleep easy knowing you’re getting the best instruction in Texas from one of the most experienced Kettlebell instructors and Kettlebell Athletes in the country.
  •   Reap the benefits of more energy and better coordination
  •   And best of all… it’s SUPER FUN!

On top if all this, if you’re competitive – either with others or just with yourself, Kettlebell Sport is a great outlet for this!

It truly falls in line with Full Throttle Atheltics’ Mission: Create programs that help our Clients Build their Bodies, Empower their Minds and Change their Lives!

We offer different ways to get started with Kettlebell Training

It’s best to contact us directly o find out what we’ve got going on.



Are you Ready?