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Finally a Program That Actually Delivers A Firm, Lean, Sexy Body While Rapidly Blow Torching Nasty Fat Off Your Body!

Get GUARANTEED results with just a few short workouts a week!

From: BJ Bliffert
Full Throttle Athletics

  • Are you frustrated by your inability to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Are you having trouble getting motivated due to lack of accountability?
  • Have you tried “Personal Trainers” and other “Boot Camp Programs” only to feel burned when you find out they’re making up your “program” as they go?
  • Ladies, do you really want to be thin, toned, firm, lean and sexy and fit into your favorite jeans or “little black dress” again?

Tired of trying the latest, greatest, follow along DVD?

Want a high intensity, fast paced workout to get your heart pumping and fat melting?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not all gyms and “personal trainers” have your best interests in mind. It’s true! They’ll happily take your payment and lead you through a poorly designed workout they jotted down off the top of their head not 10 minutes earlier. A workout that’ll surely get you tired, but not results.

You don’t have time for that! A monkey with a whistle can make you tired. If you really want to see your body transform you need expert personal fitness training delivered by people who care about you and you achieving your fat loss goals.

My Name is BJ Bliffert and I’m the Founder of Full Throttle Athletics and our Metabolic Overdrive Program in Frisco, Texas, Co-Author of International Best selling book “Total Body Breakthroughs” and have been featured in USA Today as one of the WOrld Fitness Elite Trainer’s of the Year.

In the 17+ years I have been involved in the fitness industry as a trainer and coach I have met thousands of people who’ve come to me discouraged about losing weight.

Because the gym they joined was nothing more than a singles meat market. Either the male members we’re hitting on the “Gym Butterflies” or the Trainers were. They got no direction and little, if any, results.

Others tried a “Boot Camp”, they joined and quickly realized this “program” was nothing more than people running to some trees and doing push ups, running back… now sit ups… No Plan. No coaching. No progression. No regression. No Results. Just Running.

I’ll be the first to say, there’s nothing wrong with making friends at the gym. And, there’s nothing wrong with hard work and pushing yourself. In fact, our gym is more like a tight knit community than a gym.

That’s what I envisioned when I started Full Throttle Athletics in Frisco; to give my clients the benefit of having qualified coaches guide them through a results producing training session so they could finally get the weight loss results they’re looking for.


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Who Else Wants To Jump Start Their Fat Loss In The First 30 Days?

Through my experience, education, and extensive study, I have developed an approach to exercise that has enabled many average individuals to achieve amazing weight loss, health, and fitness results. It’s a program that will support you in becoming laser focused on the results you want, empower you to accept responsibility for making effective exercise part of your lifestyle, and provide you with the tools you need to reach your fitness goals.

And it only requires only a few short workouts a week and an easy to follow nutrition program!

Is that too much to ask of yourself to improve the way you look and feel and protect the most important thing you have – your health?

My program has provided many people with a new life. If you have had trouble getting or staying motivated, you will now look at exercise as fun, have the tools you need to foster motivation, achieve your weight loss and fitness goals and actually enjoy your exercise program.

Metabolic Overdrive is different from any other fitness program or Boot Camp you’ve ever seen.


Well, without getting “sciency” on you, it’s like this.

Your body has three Metabolic Pathways through which it uses energy (burns calories). We’ve devised a program that systematically targets all three of these pathways with specifically targeted work and rest intervals. This is what we call Metabolic Resistance Training.

By not following a systematically planned out training program that targets these specific metabolic pathways you’re only tapping into 1/3 of your body’s ability to burn calories and get stronger and you’re missing out…BIG TIME!!

But don’t worry!! We take care of all of that for you!!

My Team of Coaches and I will teach you everything you need to know. Couple this with our Nutritional Guidelines and you’ll see that nasty fat melt right off your body at a record pace!

So, is Metabolic Overdrive like cross fit and all the other Boot Camp programs in Frisco? (Psst…I HATE when people call this program a boot camp, here’s why…)

NO! And here’s how it’s better:


Full Throttle Athletics isn’t just a place to come workout, we’ve devised a systems using our Proprietary Rapid Physique Manipulation System (R.P.M. for short) – Mentality, Movement, Nutrition and Recovery. We’ve synergistically combined these 4 factors to ensure you get the best results in the least amount of time.


At its core, the Metabolic Overdrive Program is built from same the Personal Training template I used to train my one on one fat loss clients, but scaled for a group format. This allows me to share my passion for fitness with more people, helping them get rid of the frustration of being unhappy and overweight.

By implementing our philosophy of Metabolic Resistance Training we transform your body body into a body fat incinerator, burning up to 9X the calories as regular exercise, studies show.

It’s amazing how, by following my program, so many individuals have changed their lives from unfit, unhealthy and unhappy — to fit, healthy, happy, and self-confident.

And, I am absolutely certain my program can do the same for you.

That’s right, I’m absolutely certain. So sure, in fact, that I guarantee you can achieve measurable results! That’s right, I fully guarantee your results or your money back. You won’t get that kind of guarantee anywhere else that I know of.

Look what it’s done for these folks.


When I joined Full Throttle Athletics last winter I knew I needed and was ready for a change. I had let myself slip into an unhealthy life style. I quickly took a liking to the challenges offered by the Metabolic Overdrive but as the weeks past and I became more proficient with that program I started noticing people in the Total Body Overhaul program.Eventually I added two days a week of TBO to my work out regimen. And to put it simply. TBO just works. Not only was a seeing strength gains that I couldn’t have imagined it was allowing me to have more complete workouts during my Metabolic Overdrive classes. My conditioning was rocketing toward my goal due to the synergy they offer together.Outside of gaining strength, my ascetic changes were happening nearly overnight. Be it my arms getting a bit larger or my core getting tighter it was obvious my added time in the TBO program was rewarding me BIG.At the end of the day if you want to know you gave everything you had to push yourself to a healthier, fitter, stronger (more summer ready) you, Full Throttle Athletics is where you need to be. If you don’t want to spend weeks and months hunting for minor results get into TBO it’s just that easy.


I first started working out at Full Throttle Athletics in February for the 8 week transformation contest. I had a gym membership at LA Fitness but always had excuses for not going and really didn’t like the atmosphere there. I was tired all the time, not motivated and totally out of shape… I just didn’t feel like myself and didn’t like the way I looked. So I started my transformation!I love Full Throttle Athletics! Kori, BJ and Erin hold me accountable and push me to work harder, but they know my limits. Working out there is fun and exciting and ANYONE can do it… there’s never a dull moment at Full Throttle! Its weird- I actually look forward to going there… I have my energy and confidence back. I have changed my lifestyle to be more active and regret not doing it sooner. I still have a long way to go and more goals to hit, but I know I can get there with Full Throttle!


You are a mature adult. You’ve been around and lived life. You know, in your heart of hearts, that real success…real achievement…and lasting results… require a measure of sacrifice and (at least) a pinch of work.

The bottom line is this: you will have to engage in a moderate exercise program and you will have to eat a more healthy diet in order to safely, effectively and rapidly lose weight – and keep it off permanently! If you’re not ready to hear that, if you are still in search of some kind of “miracle” – then I can’t help you. Because I promise you, based on years of trial and error, years of study and years of real life application…

…if you apply this system IT WORKS!

So, if you’re ready to finally melt those muffin tops and win the battle of the bulge, fill out the form to register for your Fitness Consultation for the Metabolic Overdrive Rapid Fat Loss Program.

A team member will follow up with to schedule your FREE Fitness Consultation and Assessment.



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Yours in Health,

BJ Bliffert
International Best Selling Fitness Author
World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year
Founder of Full Throttle Athletics

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PPS: Last year we had to close registration in order to deliver the level of service we demand of our Team, don’t be left out the New Year!

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