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Our Driving Principles

I wanted to share with you our Driving Principles, some people may call these Core Values.

You may notice, if you get our newsletter, I use the word desire a lot in my writing and I often capitalize the whole word.  I do this because when you combine the first letter in each of our Driving Principles it actually spells D.E.S.I.R.E. 

I promise this happened totally by accident.

I was sitting on a plane coming back to Dallas from Louisville after attending an awesome Mastermind Meeting with some of the top fitness pros in the country.

We were talking about the qualities we wanted to instill in our teams and how those should be the qualities I live by and try to instill in our clients in order to achieve success.

Feeling inspired, I just started typing on my iPad I thought about everything that has helped me transform from a chunky kid to sharing my passion as a  fitness professional and helping others overcome the battle of the bulge.

This is what appeared…

  • D.evelop a Supportive Community
  • E.mpower Others Daily
  • S.trive to be 1% Better Everyday
  • I.nspire by Example
  • R.elentless Commitment to Results
  • E.liminate Excuses and Obstacles

This sums up what me and my team try to live by on a daily basis and what we try to teach all of our clients.

When combined, these principles have a synergistic effect and cause people to get amazing results in all areas of life, not just fitness.

But, you need to commit to them.

The most successful people in our program are the ones that do the little, simple things consistently.  

1% better doesn’t seem like much, but the benefits are cumulative.  Over a year that’s 365% better… that’s a lot of progress.

I’m hoping these help you get to know us a little better and show you we’re not your typical “gym”.  We truly have your best interest at heart and we’re passionate about helping you achieve the body you DESIRE.

We’ve been through the same struggles and still struggle daily.  

Kori and I both grew up “little on the chunky side”.  So, those feeling you feel and deal with when it come your weight, self image and how you feel – physically and emotionally – we get it.



…Leading a healthy life, being strong, being lean (and healthier because of it), learning to de-stress, and being comfortable in your own skin is.

I’m still that chunky kid inside.  He and I argue daily.   I still love candy, cookies and ice cream.  And, I still eat them.

Kori still loves pizza and pastries.  We get pizza weekly, no big deal and no guilt.

The key is we’ve found a way to make it all fit into a healthy lifestyle and create balance.  Our goal is to teach you how to do this, too.

I know people are scared of exercise.

I also know that starting is the hardest part, but now is as good a time as any.

Contact us and set a Desk Date for a FREE Success Session and learn how we can help you.