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Torque Questions

Q: What is Team Training Program anyway?
A: Full Throttle’s Team Training Program is a personal training program with a twist, it includes top notch fitness instruction and cutting edge training techniques all designed by International Best Selling Fitness Author and USA Today Featured World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year, BJ Bliffert, to get you in the best shape of your life, melt nasty unwanted body fat, improve sports performance or just build a strong healthy body! This is not 1-1 Personal Training or a silly outdated cookie cutter transformation program stolen from a book at Barnes & Noble.

The twist is, although your program is tailored to you, you’re executing it in a team or group setting. This creates a win/win for you! More accountability and lower cost for high level personal training.

Q: Is this Crossfit or like Crossfit
A: No, haha! This is a very common question, especially when people see our facility. But, the fact is, we are not like Crossfit or any bootcamp in Frisco. Our Training Philosophy is built on a solid foundation of real science. We never compromise the safety of our clients during any training session and always ensure proper technique is observed.

Q: What types of people sign up for Team Training?
A: This is a good question; most are people just like you. But, my program is not for everyone, and I’m OK with that. Not everyone is as motivated as you are when it comes to FINALLY losing their love handles. We strive to build a strong, supportive sense of community within our facility. We love to work with serious, motivated people. If this program is not a good fit, we’ll discover that in our Success Session and I’ll be able to recommend another solution we can provide for you.

Q: How do I join Team Training at Full Throttle in Frisco?
A: Unlike a typical gym where you can just show up, everyone interested in joining my program must come to a Success Session. At this Session we cover everything involved in Team Traininig, conduct a Movement Assessment and go over your goals. We use all this info to determine if we are a good fit for one of another. Maybe a different program we offer is better suited for your goal.

As professionals, we strive to pair the client with the best program, we are not concerned with simply pumping up our sales numbers.


Q: What if I’m not very physically fit?
A: Women and men of all ages, abilities and fitness levels become clients in Team Training. In fact, if you’re not in good shape, this is exactly where you should start.

The difference between us and a typical gym personal trainer; We’re Fitness Professionals, our goal is to what’s best for YOU. You are a person to us, not just “our 9 O’Clock”. We use all the info we gather on your Success Session to craft a program to “meet you where you’re at” fitness-wise.

Remember, everybody has to start somewhere. All of the exercises we do can be modified to your ability.

Q: Where’s the location of the Team Training Program?
A: Our Facility, Full Throttle Athletics is located in Frisco, Texas.
The Address is:
15222 King Rd, Suite 803
Frisco, TX 75034

We are very easy to find if you are traveling from The Colony, Little Elm, Frisco and even Plano.

We are located about 1 mile west of the intersection of Main St. and FM 423 in Frisco.


Q: How often will we meet?
A: Most of our clients attend 3 sessions a week.

Q: What can I expect to achieve?
A: It’s not uncommon to drop inches and pounds while becoming more fit and toned. We’ve seen an average drop of 3-5 pounds in the first 30 days if you follow and implement the resources we give you.

If you choose not to, it’s really hard to answer that question.

Q: How is this different than the local health club?
A: Full Throttle Athletics is a unique Fitness Coaching Facility.

We have a ‘different’ feel and atmosphere. It’s as if “Cheer’s” were a gym. Everybody knows your name. We have worked hard to create this and we have no doubt this is why people get such amazing results.

We do NOT subscribe to the do-it-yourself fitness paradigm. These “Health Clubs” are more concerned about membership numbers than you getting more fit.

We are the opposite! We give you all the tools necessary to succeed, you just have to show up and do the work.

Q: How is this different than the typical Personal Trainer in Frisco?
A: I’m not sure where to start. As a Fitness Professional, I am really discouraged by what I see going on in gyms by personal trainers around Frisco.

First and foremost, proper exercise technique and movement patterns should be the basis for any fitness program, keeping you safe and delivering an effective workout is goal #1.

Our goal isn’t to just make you “feel” like you got a good workout and tired. Remember, anyone can make you tired.

A proper movement assessment, goal setting meeting should be the basis for your training program. Not what this trainer just read is the cool new workout in a Health Magazine.

The definition of “client” is “someone under your care’ and we take that very seriously.


Q: What do I need to bring?
A: A towel, water with approved workout drink, dry clean, flat soled shoes (no running shoes, please)

Q: How often should I attend per week?
A: For the best results we suggest that you attend 3 days a week.

Q: Can I pay per workout or just when I come?
A: The fact of the matter is that you need and want to exercise consistently to get results, right? We’ve found that the second best motivator is knowing that you are consistently paying for your membership. The best motivator is knowing that you’re going to take one step closer to your dream body in your next training session!

Q: What else do I need to know?
A: Each session is approx. 45-75 minutes depending on your programming needs.
Space is strictly limited per session.
All session are reserved first come first served. If you can not attend a pre-set appointment we ask that you cancel with in 24 hours so someone else may take your spot, if needed.

Q: Will I be sore sometimes?
A: Most people feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days. After that point, it is little to moderate. It’s part of the process that lets you know you are improving! After the first two weeks your body will adjust and you’ll find that you’re no longer as sore.

Q: Is there a refund policy?
A: I’ll extend a 30 Day Conditional Money Back Guarantee. If you follow our plan to a “T” and you don’t get results, I give you a full refund.

Q: How soon will I see results?
A: “Visual Improvement” can take from two to four weeks depending on your effort level and how seriously you follow the nutrition guidelines. It’s becoming common to see a client go down 1-2 dresses sizes or a pant size within the first 30 days.

Q: Does the program ever end?
A: Once our clients reach their initial goals as fast as possible and then transition them to a maintenance program and stay on board for the long haul like 90% of our members have in the past. We don’t want to see you back in the future as “your old self”.

Nothing breaks my heart more than helping the a client achieve the same goal twice or even three times.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: You can always call our office directly at 469.362.0453 or email us at and we would be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

If you get our voicemail, it means I’m helping a client, PLEASE leave a message and either I or a Team Member will contact you.