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ATTENTION: USA Today Featured Personal Trainer Of The Year Makes You This Bold And Confident Promise…

Do You Want To Turn The Body You See In The Mirror Into a Firm, Lean, Sexy Body You Can Be Proud of?

Get GUARANTEED results with Frisco’s proven Fat Loss and Transformation SYSTEM!

From: BJ Bliffert
Full Throttle Athletics
International Best Selling Author
USA Today Featured World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year

Dear Frisco Resident,

Does this sound like you?

  • You joined a gym that was nothing more than a singles meat market. Either the male members were hitting on the “Gym Butterflies” or the Trainers were!!
  • You joined a training studio that promised “Biggest Loser Results” only to be talked down to and belittled in front of a group of clients.
  • You joined a boot camp that was nothing more than a bunch of sit ups, running and push ups. After a week or so, your back hurt, your feet hurt and you realized that feeling like you just got hit by a mack truck after a workout can’t really be healthy.
  • You thought a cross fit workout was the answer, but were overwhelmed by the lack of safety and disregard for good exercise technique. You realized exercising to the point of vomiting really wasn’t a badge of honor. Or they just plain got hurt and quit.

You joined a gym or Athletic Center that had all this fancy equipment. But, after you signed their contract you got no direction about how to actually use it. So you just kind of wander around not really working out, or getting results.

Doing any of the above and expecting to get results is like defending yourself in court with no law school experience and expecting to win.

All of those options actually set you up for failure; they offer no plan to get you from Point A to Point B. It’s like driving cross-country without your GPS!

I get it! Changing your body is really hard…

Just look at all the conflicting information out there!!

  • How many times a week should you train?
  • What type of eating plan should you follow? Low carb? Low Fat? High Protein? Gluten Free?
  • If 3 workouts are good, are 6 better? And then how long does each workout need to be?
  • How much cardio do I do?
  • Do I need to lift weights? Do I even need to do cardio?

Listen; there was time that I was just like you!

My Name is BJ Bliffert and I’m the Founder of Full Throttle Athletics in Frisco, Texas, Co-Author of International Best selling book “Total Body Breakthroughs” and have been featured in USA Today as one of the World Fitness Elite Trainers of the Year.

In the 17+ years I have been involved in the fitness industry as a trainer and coach I have met and helped hundreds of people, just like you, who’ve come to me discouraged about building a strong, athletic, toned body!

But, really, I’m just like you.

Even with a degree in Exercise Science and multiple personal training certifications, I struggled to build a strong, lean body.

I was easily distracted by the latest and greatest workout promising results, only to follow it for a few weeks and switch the next best thing…

This went on for more than I’d like to admit, I pride myself on being an exercise science geek and this lands a huge blow to the ego.

It wasn’t until I sat down and decided that I needed a plan that things fell into place. Not just a plan for the next month, but a long-term plan.

So, I sat down and wrote down my goals and some realistic deadlines and went to work. I researched and re-read everything I had been taught.

Lo and behold, the answers were all there, in the science…not the news rack magazines or late night infomercials.

I constructed a plan and stuck to it and an amazing thing happened… it didn’t work.

But, I didn’t give up. I went back to the drawing board and tried again and after some trial and error I cracked the code!!

Ask Anyone… A Solid Plan And Accountability Are The Two Biggest Shortcuts You Can Take On The Road To Success…

In fact, I’ve learned by not having a solid program you may be cutting your progress by possibly more than 75%!

I know this is a bold statement.

But, I can say with the utmost confidence; EVERY successful fitness transformation I have witnessed has had these things in common:

  1. Strength Training
  2. Metabolic Training
  3. Proper Nutrition
  4. Accountability

A solid plan takes all the guesswork out and meticulously managing the factors above, you get results.

Now, I’ve taken that plan and made it available to you!


Team Training at Full Throttle Athletics eliminates all the thinking and delivers twice the results!

Our Team Training is structured around a well-planned Strength Training model designed to build toned, sexy muscle and incinerate fat. You don’t have to worry about doing any of the research. We’ve done it!

Why Strength Training? Because, it’s the fastest way to transform your body!

Strength training builds lean, strong, toned, firm muscles. Women: a trim waistline, firm butt and legs plus sexy, tank top arms (every lady’s dream!).

Men: Strength training rewards you with strong, muscular arms and pecs that fill out a T-shirt!

We couple the Strength Training with an intense Metabolic Training plan to increase cardiovascular fitness and elevate your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your training session. This ensures you’ll burn more calories in less time. No more long boring bouts on the treadmill. Wouldn’t be nice to know you’re still burning fat from yesterday’s workout right now?

A scientifically proven Nutrition System, NOT a restrictive diet plan, that teaches you: what to eat, when to eat, and even allows you to reward yourself occasionally.

No more starvation diets!

The added accountability of a group made of like-minded people, encouraging you and striving for similar goals is where the Team aspect comes in and why we’ve decided to call it “Team Training”

And, on top of that…
You will get experts to take a new, fresh look at your goals and help you plan your very own individual plan for success.

You will get the advantage of our coaches’ and clients’ experiences. We have been there and done that and know how to get you results and get them fast

Together. Everyone. Achieves. More.

Being a part of a team like this is a refreshing break from all the junk fitness info you are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Have you ever noticed how when like minded people get together, the progress seems to just flow out of nowhere? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out big time.

Especially when you’re new to the fitness lifestyle.

And, let’s face it. Starting out, your friends and family aren’t always the most supportive group in the world. They may mean well, but many people get stuck in a rut because they are surrounded by people who think the changes they want to make are a crazy pipe dream.

This is your escape to keep on track. We will have fun and literally OVERHAUL your body in this personal training program.



We put you on The FAST TRACK to making the ultimate change in your life, a leaner, sexier you, whether you’re a woman or a man!


And sometimes, you’ll get a good swift kick in the butt!!

Seriously, self doubt can get the best of you when you don’t have a group of supportive friends backing you up. The kind of friends who truly care about your goals.

Just having the ability to train with other like-minded, goal oriented people is absolutely priceless. That’s what being surrounded be your team is like!

We will collectively “spill the beans” and our coaches will hold NOTHING back in order to help you reach your goals!

What a minute, what kinds of people do this “Team Training”?

I get this question all the time and it’s usually because we place such a high value on strength training as a part of our transformations.

Women and men of all ages, abilities and fitness levels become clients in Team Training. In fact, if you’re not in good shape, this is exactly where you should start.

Our Clients are mostly:

Busy Moms – building a “better than” Pre-baby Body
Executives – time crunched, focused people that know they need to stay in shape to excel in life
Fitness Enthusiasts – folks that understand fitness is a journey to embrace, part of a lifestyle.
Athletes – getting an edge on their competition
Frustrated people who’ve just about given up, we give them what the other gyms failed to
Former Athletes – craving hard work and group camaraderie

While we do train some very high-level athletes and professionals, the majority of our clients are people that are just sick of not getting results and want to make a positive change in their lives, they enjoy working toward a goal and embrace it!

With Our Help YOU Could Be Our Next Success Story…



How do I get started?

We meet live for a complimentary Success Session. This provides us an opportunity to talk about your goals and determine a “launch point”.

We’ll take measurements, body fat and perform a movement screen as well.

I know what you’re thinking…trust me, we won’t judge you.

This is all about getting a baseline for where you are at. We do not use cookie cutter programs you can simply find in a book at Barnes & Noble like other personal trainers in Frisco do, so we need this data.

It literally allows us to give you an individual plan that GUARANTEES your success.

…Our Facility is exclusive and not open to the general public for drop-ins…


  • Belonging to a facility that caters to clients only and has your best interest at heart, not their membership numbers like the 24 hour gyms and Athletic Centers in the area.
  • Belonging to and training with a group of people just like you, ready and eager to make a positive change in life.
  • Having me and my team personally GIVING YOU A PLAN FOR SUCCESS that is 100%

But, my program is not for everyone, and I’m OK with that. Not everyone is as motivated as you are when it comes to FINALLY losing their love handles.

We strive to build a strong, supportive sense of community within our facility.

We love to work with serious, motivated people.

If this program is not a good fit, we’ll discover that in our Success Session and I’ll be able to recommend another solution we can provide for you.


  • Having a custom program designed by EXPERTS with first-hand knowledge about what works today to make drastic changes in your body. We take a lot of pride in being ten steps ahead of your typical gym or Athletics Center personal trainer.
  • Remember, in this group you will have the support to finally achieve the fitness goals that have eluded you in the past. On a TEAM:


Never being alone, because in our group we’ve got each other’s backs.


Special Bonuses

Because you are taking action and committing to taking your body to the next level, I’m going to give you SIX additional bonuses when you join the Team:

  • Bonus #1 – Full Throttle Accelerator Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Guide – A two week guide to jumpstart your results from Day 1.
  • Bonus #2 – Full Throttle Client Success Guide – Everything you need to know about getting the maximum benefit from our system.
  • Bonus #3 – Discounted first months supplements to start out on the right foot.
  • Bonus #4 – Two complementary Nutrition Coaching sessions in your first month. Getting started is the hardest part and some changes are hard, we’re here to help.
  • Bonus #5 – Nutrition 101 Live Seminar – get all your questions answered.
  • Bonus #6 – Mobility and travel pack so you never miss a workout.

So you can see, we’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you!

Click on the link below to sign up for a Success Session so we can start you on your Fast Track to a lean and sexy body!

I look forward to working with you!

Dedicated To Transforming Your Body


BJ Bliffert
Owner & Founder Full Throttle Athletics
Co-Author of the International Best Selling Book, “Total Body Breakthroughs”
USA Today World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year

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