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Why FTA?

A Letter from BJ Bliffert, Full Throttle Athletics Founder

bj_full_throttleFirst, I want to thank you for inquiring about my personal training facility located in Frisco.

In the North Dallas and Frisco area, you have a wide variety of fitness choices available to you.

I’ve been in the fitness industry closing in on 17 years. part of this journey involved plenty of time witnessing how other training centers, clubs, and studios operated. I would continuously witness personal training clients being delivered sub-par coaching and poor training programs.

My frustrations would only mount as the poor coaching and training programs became a breeding ground for a lack of client results.

During this time, I was not only involved as a personal trainer, but in management as well. Here, I was introduced to a side of the fitness industry I didn’t know existed. The only thing that mattered here was the “bottom line”. The focus wasn’t on client results, it was on closing percentages, gross sales and and net revenues.

Poor coaching, inadequate program design, and a focus on dollars over people, resulted in one constant variable: zero change for the client.

In 2008 my wife Kori, and I move to Frisco and decided to deliver the Frisco area a solution to this growing epidemic. My solution: to create an environment that, through a combination of superior coaching, high-level training programs and qualified coaches, would lead to superior client results and experience.

I wanted to buck the status quo.

  • Focus on the client, not the bottom line.
  • Focus on free weights, not machines.
  • Focus on the importance of strength training, not just cardio.
  • Focus on evidence based programs, not randomness and pseudo-science.
  • Focus on the basics that have produced results for decades, not the latest “hardcore” fad or quick fix.

The results our clients have achieved over this time speak for themselves.

We live in a world where 90% of the people who join a gym are aiming to lose body fat and 100% of them desire a body transformation. You’d think most gyms would create a solution. Unfortunately they continue to fail.

At Full Throttle Athletics, our purpose is to create an environment where a client’s only option is to achieve the results they desire. We empower our clients to become at least 1% better everyday. Victory comes by winning the small battles, one at a time.

Our dedication to a supportive, team-approach consistently allows our clients to achieve personal success in a fun, challenging and results-based atmosphere.

I speak confidently when I tell you that FTA is the best training facility in our area. Our team’s attention to detail and knowledge of the most current and scientifically sound training methods in the industry, continue to set us apart.

Sure, you can go to another gym and workout.

But Full Throttle Athletics is much more than just another gym; it’s a destination that will enable you to establish a new lifestyle.

At Full Throttle Athletics you make a commitment to changing your life or the better – and we will show you how.

Life-changing commitments require time and dedication. For this reason, our programs are not quick fixes that promise “Biggest Loser Results”.

Our team has been serving clients in this community since 2008, and will continue for many years to come. We are very proud of the work we’ve been able to do and the coaching we provide to our clientele.

I encourage you to come in for a free Success Session. You won’t be greeted by a salesperson. Instead you’ll meet our team and you will see that we are all about delivering our clients results. We’ll talk about your goals, what you’ve tried and why it didn’t work. Then, we’ll show you how our system is different and why so many achieve unthinkable results.

We pride ourselves on this top notch coaching environment, client experience and results. Our coaching system continues to be shared with fitness professionals from all over the world.

With that being said, our community might not be for everyone. It just so happens we are not the cheapest gym in Frisco. This is for a reason. If your determining factor is price alone, then you’ll welcome all those things that come with a cheap facility: poor coaching, poor service and ultimately the lack of results.

Our members make a commitment. They want the best and we provide them with the best.
Give us a try and then make your own personal commitment to getting better.

You can reach us by phone at 469.362.0453, email us at We’d love to show you the Full Throttle Athletics difference and help you “Kick your fitness into High Gear!”


BJ Bliffert,
Full Throttle Athletics