Tropical Deviled Eggs--tasty little devils!

I have your weekly recipe ready to go for you, and this one is a great one! If you need something to take on the run and have a place to keep it cold, these are great snack! Tropical Deviled Eggs

Serves 4

4 hard-boiled omega- 3 eggs, halved

1 TBSP coconut oil

1 TBSP flaxseed oil

1 tsp ground ginger

Paprika to taste

Remove yolks from eggs and place in a small mixing bowl. Add oils and ginger and mash together with fork.

Using a small spoon, scoop the yolk mixture back into each egg half. Sprinkle with Paprika!

These are even great things to tote to any get-togethers or BBQs that you might be headed to!