Athletic Revolution Soccer Pre-Season 6 Week Academy

Calling ALL High School Soccer Athletes in the surrounding Frisco area!


Train at Full Throttle Athletic's Soccer Pre-season Strength, Speed & Conditioning Academy this Fall!


Beat your upcoming competition by doing what your opponents are NOT doing...


Full Throttle Athletics is proud to present the 2013 Fall Soccer Pre-season Strength, Speed & Conditioning Academy (registration will begin September 30th!). This Academy is for athletes ages 13 - 18 who aspire to better themselves through intense pre-season or off-season training. Programs will incorporate aspects of progressive strengthening, dynamic power, increased mobility & flexibility, core strengthening, high-intensity conditioning, and endurance conditioning. Everything an athlete needs to be successful on the field, court, or track is right here!

Full Throttle Athletic's high-intensity Fall Pre-season Academy will provide athletes with everything they need to physically and mentally elevate their performance within the upcoming soccer season.

Parents, are you searching for a safe environment in which your athlete will be challenged by an intense program under the guidance of certified professionals? Rest assured that your athlete is receiving the highest quality training, tailored to his/her individual needs.

AR-SoccerWhen athletes begin the program, they will complete a comprehensive performance evaluation, designed to establish initial metrics such as maximal strength, maximal speed, endurance ranges, and areas of potential injury.

Some of the combine-style testing components will include:

  • Max Deadlift
  • Max Body-Weight Pull-ups
  • Max Bench Press Reps (at given weight)
  • Beep Test endurance analysis
  • 40 yard dash

In addition to the above testing, athletes in the Academy will also receive:

  • Training and weight program management
  • Customized warm-up (based on individual Functional Movement Screen) to promote injury prevention
  • Fuel for Performance (Nutritional Guidelines)


Fall Pre-season Academy Dates & Cost:

October 14th - November 22nd

Enrollment Fee: $199

Training sessions will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays from 6pm - 7pm


Sessions may be used at ANY FTA high school training session throughout the Fall. This provides incredible schedule flexibility for athletes! Ideally, athletes should attend 2-3 sessions/week for maximum results

Turn your body into a WEAPON this Fall at Full Throttle

Athletic's Soccer Pre-season Strength, Speed & Conditioning Academy.



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