The Truth Behind Dairy

The Truth Behind Dairy

Kyle Duarte BS, Nutrition and Wellness


Milk and dairy are the best way to get your requirements for calcium, correct? Wrong! Humans are the only species that continues to drink milk outside of weaning. We wean cattle, goats, and any other farm animals, so why wouldn’t we stop drinking it ourselves?


There are many other ways to get calcium without the calorie dense dairy forms. The amount of calcium consumed and absorbed from one glass of milk is equal to or less than the amount of calcium consumed in a bag of original lays potato chips. One of the best sources of calcium is found in KALE! Yes, a vegetable that doesn’t lactate. The calcium found in Kale is also easier to absorb while being more calcium dense.


Milk isn’t dairy as a whole though. There are other forms of dairy that can be very beneficial to the body. Probiotics found in certain cultured yogurts has been found to assist the body after antibiotics have been taken. They rebuild the healthy bacteria necessary for digestion and absorption.

Gut bacteria:

  • help synthesize B and K vitamins
  • enhance gastrointestinal motility and function
  • enhance digestion and nutrient absorption
  • obstruct the growth of “bad bacteria” and other pathogens
  • help metabolize other plant compounds/drugs
  • produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and polyamines
  • produce coagulation and growth factors
  • produce cytokines (cell signaling molecules)
  • help regulate intestinal mucus secretion and utilization
  • help regulate blood flow to the viscera

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