Full Throttle Athletics

Our No Frills Industrial Approach to Fitness

Full Throttle Fitness Systems | Best Fitness Boot Camp in Frisco | Kettlebells FriscoFull Throttle Athletics is a private, members only training facility that offers Fitness Boot Camps, Personal Fitness Coaching and Kettlebell Training.

Our facility is located inside a warehouse at:

15222 King Rd, Suite 803

Frisco, TX 75034

We're just a short jaunt from Little Elm and The Colony. With 20 ft. ceilings and exposed beams, the aesthetic of the gym reflects our industrial strength approach to fitness. The facility not only has training tools suitable for elite athletes, fitness buffs and novices alike, but also enough floor space for real physical training to occur.

Fight the machine...

You may notice something from our pictures. (coming soon)

More-so, there's plenty you won't notice in the pictures or when you come to our facility.

You will not see the machines you normally see at most "fitness" centers.

We've purposely avoided cluttering our facility with machines, treadmills and elliptical trainers. We don't believe this is the best way for you to train and subscribe to a more functional training and fitness philosophy.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...or not!

Best Personal Training in Frisco | Full Throttle Fitness Systems | Kettlebell FirscoYou'll also see we've avoided draping the walls with mirrors, thus allowing you to feel your body move and forcing your brain to make the mind muscle connection. We have one mirror in the whole facility, in the restroom.

We employ free weights, such as Olympic bars and bumpers, dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. We also incorporate a good amount of bodyweight exercises using, you guessed it, your body, rings, TRX Suspension Trainers, and pull-up bars.

We believe in (re)teaching you to move your body.

Kettlebell Training

Frisco Kettlebell | Frisco Boot Camp | Kettlebell Workshops FriscoWe also offer authentic Russian Kettlebell Training. While most think this type of training is the new fad, the fact of the matter is it's been around for over one hundred years in Russia (it's Russia's national sport), we've been using kettlebells for almost 10 years in own training.

Kettlebell Training uses full body exercises that teach the body to move as a unit in a coordinated manner. If this sounds like it's hard, don't worry, it's quite natural once you learn the moves and we can usually have you moving in about 30 minutes.

Frisco Kettlebell Trainer | Frisco Kettlebells | Best Frisco Personal TrainerLastly, you'll notice we do much of our training on our feet. This improves balance, involves the core as a stabilizing unit (it's natural function) and again teaches you to move as you did when you were young. Exercising with machines does not allow this, and often time can cause more problems than they solve due to alignment issues.

In a nutshell our facility is like a giant playground for people looking to get fit and have fun doing it.

Hope to see you soon!

BJ & Kori

Full Throttle Fitness Systems

15222 King Rd, Suite 601

Frisco, TX 75034