Athletes vs. The Great Pyramids

Kind of an odd subject line, right? But, here’s the thing…

A young athlete is a lot like the Great Pyramids in Egypt, stay with me here, I promise I’ll explain.

The ancient people of Egypt knew that if the built a broader foundation for the Great Pyramids they would be able to build a much taller, stronger structure.  I’d have to assume you’d agree that history has proven them correct.

So, what does this have to do with youth athletes?

A lot actually...

Recent studies have shown that focusing on one sport at a young age (6-12 years) can harm a child’s athletic development. A study done with Loyola University <(Read more on the study here)>  through the Sports Medicine Institute at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago concluded that:

“… for most sports, such intense training in a single sport to the exclusion of others should be delayed until late adolescence to optimize success while minimizing injury, psychological stress, and burnout.”

What they are saying is, without the proper foundation and without exposure to a broad number of athletic stimuli the youth athlete doesn’t have the tools to build a specialized sport skill set.

Hear from two of the top professional athletes in their sport

J.J. Watt, Defensive End of the Houston Texans, Tweeted, “Single Sport Specialization amongst youth today is troubling. Let kids be kids. They’ll become all around better athletes and have more fun.”

Abby Wambach, Forward of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, said, “Playing basketball had a significant impact on the way I play the game of soccer.” In fact, when asked by USA Today EACH of the members of the recent Women’s World Cup Champions insisted the variety of sports they played growing up enhanced their abilities in soccer.

Our training philosophy within the ASAP Program at Full Throttle Athletics is geared toward building a broad range of athletic ability that is required to lay the foundation of that pyramid.  

Our ultimate goal is to help build better Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, La Crosse, Volleyball, Wrestlers and Softball players but to do it by making them better ATHLETES first.

The sport specific skill set is the responsibility of the athletes sport coach, our goal is to compliment that by adding Attitude, Speed, Agility and Power (A.S.A.P) to the equation!

If you’d like to see what we have to offer, fill out the form below to enroll in a complimentary Strategy Session with one of our coaches and we can tell you how A.S.A.P. at Full Throttle Athletics can help take your youth athlete to the next level.

Coach Joey

ASAP Youth Athletic Development Coach

Full Throttle Athletics

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