Boot Camps | Group Fitness

By making our group fitness boot camps personal we have created a unique alternative to Personal Training that will get you twice the results in half the time for about a quarter of the cost. Who wouldn't want that?

That has made this our most popular service, and it keeps growing!

Here's a brief overview:

  • 45 minute express workouts. No wasting time wondering what you should be doing, we plan everything for you.
  • Radical Exercise Format that’s clinically proven to burn 9x more calories than ordinary exercise.
  • The only Certified Kettlebell Instructors in Frisco.  Other “personal trainers” may think they know how to use kettlebells, but they don’t.
  • We have our own facility.  No more dancing around in the park.  Raining?  No Problem!
  • Downloadable Nutrition Plan which includes 90 days of meals design by a Registered Dietition
  • Off day Cardio Plan to get in an extra workout, or stay on track if you travel.
  • Our Full Throttle Kettlebell Manual with pictures and descriptions of Kettlebell Exercises.
  • Foam Roller Recovery and Restoration downloadable pdf.

To learn more about The Full Throttle Boot Camp Program in Frisco Follow This Link to our dedicated Boot Camp Site