"Building the Ultimate Athlete" Summer Camps at Full Throttle Athletics


Athletic Revolution Summer Camps at FTA

are around the corner!


Full Throttle Athletic’s “Building the Ultimate Athlete” Summer Camp(s) registration will open Saturday, May 3rd. Camps are limited to only 15 athletes per camp (ages 6 -12). Early registration will end on June 1st at midnight!

Children In Sports Attire - Isolated

The #1 request for performance training is speed and agility. We all know that speed kills and the fastest athletes on the field/court have a huge advantage over their competition!

In our recent poll of hundreds of coaches, the number one thing that they wanted to improve in their athletes was their speed and agility! I have yet to meet a coach that thinks an athlete is TOO fast or TOO quick.

The problem with speed and agility training is most trainers go about it the wrong way. By conditioning the athletes to make them faster, they essentially wear them out! Running dozens of 40’s, jogging for the warm up, and long-distance running has no place in a speed and agility program.

In our “Building the Ultimate Athlete” Summer Camps, emphasis will be placed on speed, agility, power, and coordination/body awareness. Your young athlete will learn techniques and skills that will help them reach their fullest potential on the field or court!

Athletes will  participate in a structured training curriculum designed to help them:

  • Accelerate faster than ever without the risk of injury

  • Reach top speed faster than ever

  • Run with the proper mechanics

  • Improve efficiency to preserve their energy and keep them on the field longer

Our agility program focuses on techniques that will have an immediate impact! Not only will the young athlete be moving faster, but they will also:

  • Learn how to change directions safely and quickly

  • Beat their opponent off the first step

  • Reduce injury with proper deceleration technique

  • Be the most elusive, hard-to-shake athlete on the field

Under strict supervision, athletes will also strengthen and increase dynamic power using a variety of fitness tools including medicine balls, resistance bands, plyometric boxes, loaded prowlers, battle ropes, and more!

Athletic Revolution takes great pride in providing an all-encompassing program that pushes athletes to improve while also creating an atmosphere of fun competition. In addition to the physical training mentioned above, AR’s  “Building the Ultimate Athlete” Summer Camp curriculum also includes:

  1. Fueling for Performance guidelines (how food and drink choices affect performance)

  2. “Get your head in the game”: How to mentally prepare for competition and EXECUTE

  3. How sports can have a positive, life-long impact on the body and mind (long-term impact of physical activity and healthy choices)


Your athlete has THREE opportunities to attend the

“Building the Ultimate Athlete” Summer Camps!

The Camps will take place from 9:00am to 12:00pm, Mon. - Thurs.

Choose 1, Choose both, or Choose all 3!

Pricing: $99 for one,  $129 for two, or $179 for all 3!

B.U.A. Camp #1:   JUNE 16 - 19

B.U.A. Camp #2:  JULY 14 - 17

B.U.A. Camp #3:  AUGUST 11 -14

Registration for ALL camps will begin on May 3rd!

*EARLY REGISTRATION GIFT (ends June 1st) includes:

(1) 20 min Initial Success Meeting (2) Performance Assessment (3) Three FREE sessions in the Athletic Revolution Program!

Camps are limited to the first 15 athletes (ages 6-12)!

Group & sibling discounts available*

Current AR Champions, please contact Coach Erin to register*

We look forward to helping your child transform into

The Ultimate Athlete this summer!