Christmas in July!

OK, so if you are on our newsletter list we hinted that something big was right around the corner. Like I had mentioned I was extremely leery about doing this.

Before we get that, I want to quickly tell you about another Transformation Contest we have coming up in a month or so with some killer prizes.  If you saw the results from the last one you'll definitely want to get in on this!

My Team and I dont talk about it much, but we have a goal to help as many people as we can through fitness as possible.  When we see the people in our Full Throttle community accomplish things they never thought possible, it makes our day.

Maybe it's:

  • Finally losing that last 10 pounds.
  • Finally, getting your first pull up or first push up form your toes.
  • Getting rid of that baby weight you thought would never leave.
  • Maybe you can get back into your favorite pair of jeans.

People ask why  we work 16 hour days sometimes, and all of those above reasons are why.

On top of that, as we grow the Full Throttle community we get to share those moments with more and more people.


So enough of that, let's get down to why to came here in the first place!

Well here it is:

I have decided to slash the price on new memberships and membership extensions for only a 5 day period.

That's it, 5 days.  Noon on Monday and it all goes away.

But, like most things in life, there's a catch and this is no different.  I am only letting a specific number of memberships go for these at these Christmas in July prices.

Ok, there's one more catch, theses special memberships must be paid in full at the time of purchase.


Let's start with our Metabolic Overdrive group fitness classes:

3 Days/week (12 classes/month), 12 month min term:  ONLY $999.99, only 10 2 Spots

5 Days/week (20 classes/month) 12 month min. term:  ONLY 1799.99, only 5  1 Spots

3 Days/week (12 classes/month) 6 month min term:  ONLY 599.99, only  10  3 Spots

OK, now Total Body Overhaul Personal Training:

3 Days/week (12 session/month) 12 month min term:  ONLY 2199.99,  only  5 4 Spots

2 Days/week (8 sessions/month) 12 month min term:  ONLY 1799.99, only 5 Spots


So how does this work?

If you're not a member you simply pick your package and you're all set!

If you're a member, you can still take advantage, pick your package and once your minimum term is up, the conditions the  of this new membership take affect.

The average membership life in our Full Throttle community is OVER 2.5 YEARS!  If this helps people stay a part of the tight knit community we've (really the credit goes to you) created longer I'm happy to do it.

Well, there you have it.  Kori said I was crazy, but a great friend and mentor in the industry said, "Sometime you just have to do something to rattle the cage, something totally off the wall."

Remember this all goes away on Monday at noon.

You can talk to a coach or call us to get set up, all paperwork must be filled out by Monday at 12pm and all spots are first come first serve.

**Disclaimer: Those experiencing Full Throttle with a Groupon Special, you can not combine this offer with your "Buy Back".  This is a better deal anyway!

**If you're a member, you can still take advantage, pick your package and once your current minimum term is up, the conditions of this new membership take affect.  For Example: If you are currently in a 6 month minimum term, you buy your extension now but continue to pay the remainder of your current minimum, once the minimum term is met the conditions of the paid in full term will start.

This does not replace your current agreement.

OffersB.J. Bliffert