Congratulations to Pam Schulman, FTA August Client of the Month!

Congratulations, Pam! You are the FTA Client of the Month for August 2014!

Pam Schulman COM


Pam Schulman has been a member at Full Throttle Athletics since October of 2012. She currently trains in the TORQUE personal training program, but prior to jumping into TORQUE, Pam participated in Metabolic Overdrive, as well as Total Body Overhaul (FTA's previous semi-private program).

When asked "What is FTA to you in 3 words?", Pam replied:

Encouraging, Challenging, and Fun!

Pam has accomplished so much, both physically and mentally, since she began training here at FTA! From a strength standpoint, she is doing many things that she never imagined that she would be able to do before beginning her FTA program. "More importantly:  just the fact that I look forward to coming every day and almost feel a sense of loss if I have to miss. I love the people, our coaches and our FTA truly feels like a family. I never anticipated feeling that way about working out".

It's evident that Pam's dedication to training and remaining consistent with attendance have had a profound impact on her overall results and strength gains!

"In total I've lost a little over 20 pounds (it fluctuates) and dropped a size. I'm definitely stronger and have better stamina, balance and flexibility".

So, we asked Pam: "If you could give someone advice who may be struggling with some aspect of health/fitness, what would it be?"

Pam's wise words of advice: "Keep going and trust your coaches!  Small, consistent steps will lead to big changes.  Don't get discouraged, and know we all had to start somewhere and FTA is a great place to be!"


Nice work, Pam! You are an FTA Rock Star!