Easy Steps to Improve your fitness in the New Year

With the New Year now upon us, some of you may start thinking about what you can do to help improve the results that you’ve seen from the last year and take your health and fitness level one step further. If you want to achieve maximum success, making sure that you are eating a proper diet plan is going to be an absolute must, so that tends to be the first place to start.

You don’t necessarily have to do a big diet overhaul however to see results – just a few simple changes her and there can get you moving in the right direction.

Let’s take a quick look at what you should know.

Drink More Water

The very first easy step to take to improve your nutrition is to drink more water. While this may not seem to be that much of an improvement since water is calorie and nutrient free, the fact is that water will help flush out the body, removing toxic build-up, can help you control hunger, and will help to stimulate your metabolism as well.

If you want to get leaner, water is a must. Start drinking 8 glasses of water per day. Many people are lucky to get half of that in their current diet plan.

Eat Protein With Each Meal And Snack

Second, also make sure that you are committed to eating a higher protein diet. Regardless of whether your goal is weight loss, health, or muscle building, protein is the most important nutrient to be taking in.

If you can make a concentrated effort to ensure that you’re getting at least 10 grams per meal or snack you consume, you shouldn’t have a problem meeting your day’s requirements.

Aim to get a little more 20-30 grams per meal from some lean source of animal protein for best results.

I travel a lot and when I do I know getting my protein can be tricky.  My favorite trick is to pack Prograde Fusion in my luagage or backpack.  It's 25 grams of whey protein I can mix into any bottle of water.

Seek Out New Recipes

Finally, the last quick tip to help you improve your diet and nutrition is to seek out new recipes as often as possible.

One of the primary reasons why people fall off their healthy eating plan in the first place is simply due to food boredom, so if you’re aiming to create one or two healthy new recipes each week, this won’t stand in your way of success.

This is going to be absolutely imperative for moving forward because if you eat the same thing day in and day out, you are going to suffer problems with cheating and you may suffer nutritional deficiencies as well.

With so many recipes online now, there’s no reason to eat a bland diet any longer.  My favorite source for new recipes is Gourmet Nutrition, by Dr. John Barradi.  He is the author and creator of the Precision Nutrition system taht we use for our nutritional coaching.  You can get your copy here -->>>http://getgourmetnutrition.com.

So there you have some fast and simple tips to improve your nutrition immediately so that you can forge forward into the New Year and boost your health and fitness level.