Kettlebell Training

We are the only fitness facility in Frisco to offer Authentic Russian Kettlebell training.

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We realize other trainers use this tool, but quite frankly we've seen what they do...and they haven't a clue.

I realize this sounds harsh and egotistical, but please hear me out, we have been training with Kettlebells since 2001 so we know a thing or two and have done a lot of research and have traveled the country to learn from the best.

What you see most trainers doing is substituting the kettlebell in an exercise you'd normally use a dumbbell for.

Truth be told, you're probably better off using a dumbbell for these exercises.

Frisco Kettlebell Training | Frisco Boot Camp | Kettlebell Workshops FriscoThe beauty of the kettlebell is it's shape and the fact it can be used to perform long sets of coordinated full body movements.  By using this tool the way it is designed, you can get a great workout, in a short amount of time and really build some serious fitness!

This is what we strive to do.  Use the tool for what it's best suited.

You shouldn't take kettlebell advice from Jillian.

Even Jillian Michaels is trying to jump on the band wagon and proves time and time again that she is clueless when it come to using this tool correctly.  Look at the picture to the right, does that look safe?

We will be offering classes in the very near future, twice a week as well as workshops on the weekends where you can come learn and experience the power of the Kettlebell right here in Frisco, TX.

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