FTA Calendar of Events for Jan & Feb 2014


  • Fri,  17th: Registration for 2K14 Metamorph. Challenge ends at midnight!
  • Sat, 18th: 2K14 Metamorphosis Challenge Kick Off Event9:30- 11am
  • Mon, 20th: 2K14 Metamorphosis Challenge Begins!
  • Sat, 25th: Weigh-Ins & Measurements (Any FTA Member): 8am-10am
  • Sat, 25th: Exclusive Metamorphosis "Phase 1" Strength Challenge: 9:30- 11am
  • Wed 29th: Nutrition Workshop: Special Topic: "Low Calories vs. Energy/Spice up your veggies!": 6pm -7pm

If low calorie diets have "proven" to help people drastically lose weight, how on earth can they adversely affect your progress?!? We will tackle these misconceptions head on!

Also on the agenda: Why 'carbohydrates' are your friend! The word 'carb' has become a taboo term in the world of 'weight loss'. Learn WHY you need carbs, how to schedule your carb consumption, and what type of carbs you can chow down on!

To finish the workshop: "Spice up your veggies!" Ever feel burdened by the bland bundle of asparagus and broccoli that seems to glare at you from your plate? As you well know, veggies are a critical piece of the nutrition system. As veggie-holics, we have PLENTY of tricks for how to spice up those veggies. "More vegetables, please!"



  • Sat 1st: Nutrition 101: 10am 11am

New to FTA? You need the official  nutrition on-boarding experience! Been an FTA member for awhile? Join us for a quick review of FTA's nutrition program to ensure that you stay on track!

The Nutrition 101 Workshop outlines FTA's complete nutrition program, from A to Z. Nutritional compliance can often feel like an oppressive black hole of failure...UNLESS you arm yourself with knowledge and accountability. Don't go another week of training without attending the Nutrition 101 Workshop!

  • Sat 8th: Nutrition Workshop Special Topic: "Compliance vs. Counting" : 10am -11am

               Have you ever obsessed over your daily caloric intake? Does is bother you that you do not know exactly how many calories you should be consuming each day? Let's work together to transform your mindset from 'calorie counting' to 'content with compliance"!

              Learn how to 'eat for your program' (fuel for performance). Every feel that your energy levels are below sea level? Let's examine the wondrous effects of EPA/DHA/essential fatty acids. You gotta 'eat fat to lose fat!"

  • Fri 14th: 2K14 Metamorphosis Challenge Half-way point!
  • Sat. 15th: TORQUE Performance Testing: 10am - noon

                               Metamorphosis Strength Event #2: 10am -noon

                   ATTN TORQUE & Metamorphosis Challenge participants: These events will be combined. No need to choose between the two!

  • Wed. 19th: Nutrition Workshop Spcl Topic: "Compliance vs. Counting" : 6pm- 7pm

See Workshop description above (Sat 8th). This is your second opportunity to attend, in case you cannot make the Saturday workshop.

  • Tues 18th: KB for Fitness Clinic: 5:30- 7:30pm

Whether you are completely new to kettlebells, or you are fairly familiar and would like to clean up your technique, the Kettlebells for Fitness Workshop is perfect for you! Think you know bells? Time to dive in a little deeper.

"How can this one simple tool really get me closer to my overall health and fitness goals?”

“I bought some kettlebells for my home gym, but I don’t think I’m getting much use out of them”.

  • Fri 21st: KB for Fitness Clinic: 7am -9am

(see above description. Curriculum will be identical to Tues, 18th & Sat 22nd)

  • Sat 22nd: Weigh ins/Measurements 8am -10am (All FTA members)
  •  Sat 22nd: KBs for Fitness Clinic: 9am -11am

(see above description. Curriculum will be identical to Tues, 18th & Fri 21st)


*All nutrition workshops are Free!

* KB Workshops: $29 for FTA Members. $49 for FTA Guests. Free for  V.I.P. Members & Metamorphosis Challenge participants.

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