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   COMING DECEMBER 14th, 2013:

The North Texas Open Kettlebell Competition


Full Throttle Athletics is excited to announce that, this December, we will be hosting the North Texas Open Kettlebell Competition!


The Competition will be operated by fellow  kettlebell sport club, the Orange Kettlebell Club from Orange County, California.

Although still a few months away, the competition has already received dozens of registrations from kettlebell athletes all over the country! This event is guaranteed to be an incredible culmination of kettlebell sport athletes (both seasoned and beginner), and enthusiastic supporters from both the local area and the global kettlebell community.

As Russian kettlebell sport continues to gradually permeate American sport and fitness culture, we continue to experience an exciting increase in the number of new kettlebell athletes within clubs  across the country. Full Throttle Athletics can attest to this as FTA Coaches  have witnessed its members transition from curious clients, to tentative kettlebell  ‘test-drivers’, to kick-butt kettlebell athletes with an insatiable craving for advancement in the sport! This reoccurring phenomenon is exactly what makes Russian kettlelbell sport so incredible. Anyone that contains that small, burning desire to seek a competitive outlet will discover a new world of mental and physical challenges within competitive kettlebell sport.

 BJ Kettlebell close-up

At this time—a short description and basic explanation of kettlebell sport will be helpful for those that may not be familiar with the sport:

Kettlebell competitions are an exciting battle against the clock! Simply stated: the athlete with the most repetitions performed over the course of 10 minutes…WINs! Intriguingly, the simplicity of the sport should never be confused for any degree of effortlessness. The gracefulness of the more seasoned, professional athletes is a result of years (or decades) of practice perfecting technique, improving overall physical and mental strength, and increasing aerobic power output. Despite the seasoned athletes' ability to appear relaxed (an acquired skill), each athlete on the platform is pushing their individual limits in an attempt to set new personal records.

Disciplines within kettlebell sport include:

(1) Long Cycle (clean & jerk combination)

(2) Snatch

(3) Jerk

(4) Biathlon (2 disciplines within 1 meet): 10’ jerk & 10’ snatch; athletes are provided at least 30 minutes rest between heats.

Athletes within each discipline compete within classes determined by age, kettlebell weight, and weight of the athlete (similar to wrestling/MMA weight class divisions).

For a quick visual, check out this short video showing FTA Owner and Kettlebell Coach BJ Bliffert performing the jerk with two 24kg kettlebells, FTA Coach Erin Walker performing the Snatch with a 16kg kettlebell, and FTA Kettlebell Club Coach Amanda Wegner performing long cycle (one arm) with a 24kg kettlebell (click the pic)

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.05.49 PM

For the above mentioned disciplines, athletes are allowed only one hand switch in the single-arm kettlebell events. However, the North Texas Kettlebell Open will also offer beginning athletes the opportunity to participate in a 5 minute, multiple-hand-switch event with kettlebells as light as 8 kgs! ANYONE can participate in this event, regardless of experience or skill level!


Quick recap:


FULL THROTTLE ATHLETICS hosts the NORTH TEXAS KETTLBELL OPEN, operated by the ORANGE KETTLEBELL CLUB. Right here in your backyard!


BUT WAIT! We know….You are craving an opportunity to get a bell in your hands and see what all the talk is about!

  • Do you absolutely love the thought of immersing yourself in the challenges are rewards that accompany kettlebell sport?
  • Would you greatly value the opportunity to become part of a team of supportive, competitive, motivated individuals?
  • If you have even an inkling of a competitive streak within you, and you do not currently have an outlet for your competitive edge, NOW IS YOUR TIME!

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.10.30 PM


In conjunction with the North Texas Kettlebell Open, Full Throttle Athletics is now opening registration for the FTA Kettlebell Sport Academy!

The Full Throttle Kettelbell Academy is an excellent way to prepare for this competition! Receive semi-private technique lessons from an experienced kettlebell sport lifter/coach twice a week for a full 6 weeks. Then become an athlete within the FTA Kettlebell Club for an entire month [The Team Experience] leading right up to the competition!

  • The Academy will take place from Monday, October 7th  through November 13th (6 weeks)
  • 6 Weeks of semi-private kettlebell sport instruction scheduled for Mondays & Wednesdays, 7pm- 8pm.
  • 4 Weeks ( Nov. 18- Dec. 14) of the Team Experience at no additional charge! Flexible training times available Mon-Friday (am & pm available). Come train alongside FTA's Kettlebell Club athletes and continue to receive unparalleled Russian kettlebell sport coaching as the team prepares for December 14th!
  • All North Texas Kettlebell Open registration fees/dues will be included in the cost of the Academy


  • The Academy is limited to only 10 athletes! Registration will close after the first 10 participants have completed the registration process.

  • Academy cost is: $99- FTA Clients

                                            $199- FTA Guests

                Early Registration dates: September 18- 27 (midnight deadline). Receive 15% discount during early registration.

                Registration closes on October 4th (midnight), OR when 1o registrations are received.

FTA Kettlebell Club


Once again, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Register NOW to reserve your spot in the Full Throttle Athletics Kettlebell Sport Academy.



Click here for more information about the North Texas Open Kettlebell Compettion: https://www.facebook.com/events/665315563480165/

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