Full Throttle Kettlebell Team in Austin, TX

Hey Full Throttle Nation, You may or may not know this, but at Full Throttle Athletics we have a completive Kettlebell Team.  When most people think of kettlebells they think of some type of class at a local health club.

Well, in reality Kettlebells are actually a sport tool that come to us from Russia.  We, Americans, weren't really aware of the sport aspect of the kettlebell until about the year 2005 or 2006.  Before this, it was solely marketed to us as a fitness tool or an odd shaped dumbbell that could magically burn fat.

While it's a great tool to get in shape, the sport of kettlebell lifting is growing extremely fast in the USA.

Who is kettlebell sport for?

Everyone, or anyone who may be slightly competitive.

  • Former runners that can't take the pounding to the concrete anymore.
  • Former college athletes looking for that competitive release.
  • Somebody that just like to push themselves ans hang around a group of like minded people.

It's really a great sport for anyone.

Now that you have a little background, we just wanted to highlight our lifters this week.

So, today and two more times this week we'll have some videos posted of the this past weekend's competition in Austin, Texas.

I'f you like more info, get in touch with us at info@fullthrottleathletics.com and we can get you rolling in some kettlebell sport lifting!

Lifter highlight #1:  Jennifer "Am I crazy" Brady.  149 reps with 12kg kettlebell Lifter Highlight #2:  Kelly Townsend, 111 reps with 12kg kettlebell


Lifter Highlight #3:  Rachel Manning, 175 reps with 12kg


Tomorrow we'll be highlighting the coaches of the Full Throttle Kettlebell Club and Full Throttle Athletics.


Watch for the next update!