Full Throttle Nutritional Coaching

Expert coaching is the core of Precision Nutrition and we’re bringing this to Full Throttle Athletics. The Full Throttle Nutritional Coaching Programs are focused primarily on fat loss, and are the product of 10 years of research and elite coaching experience, working with everyone from recreational exercisers, to folks suffering from cardiovascular disease and diabetes, to multiple Olympic medalists. Our method? Daily mentorship from expert coaches, data-driven decision making, and positive support from like-minded people chasing similar goals.

About the Full Throttle Nutritional Coaching Program

Since there is really nothing quite like the Full Throttle Nutrition Coaching Program anywhere else, it’s worth going into some detail about what it is and why it’s designed that way. We developed a coaching system that allows us to provide our entire body transformation program (nutrition, training, supplementation, recovery, cooking, psychology, motivation — in short, everything you need) to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So here’s an outline:

  • Small group
    We start with a limited people per coach, each pursuing the same goal (fat loss and/or performance), each starting in the same place (with some fat to lose). This Group will meet twice a month for support and lecture/Q&A.

  • Private Google Group
    Every client gets access our private Full Throttle Nutrition Coaching Google Group. This is the hub of activity for the program. You’ll get e-mail updates, ask questions and build group camaraderie.

  • Group training program (for non-FTA Members)
    We develop a training program for them and create all the resources needed to teach it and track it (video demonstrations, detailed instructions, training calendars, journals, private support forum, etc)

  • Make daily nutrition a habit
    Diet plans are useless; people follow them only for a short period, if at all, and it always ends in failure. Reason: it’s too much at once. We do things very differently here. We build your diet one very small piece at a time, introducing a new part only once every 2-3 weeks. That way, in 6 months time, it will come so naturally to you that you could do it for another 60 years without blinking.

  • Lessons and action tasks
    Each week, we tackle a new topic to understand. Within that topic, you’ll learn specifically chosen lessons to teach you the “what, why and how” of everything you need to know. In “Protein Week,” for example, you’ll learn everything from how protein synthesis works to how to choose a protein supplement — and then you’ll go and do it.

  • Integrated workout and habit tracking
    Every day, you have two simple questions to answer for your coach: 1) “Did you do your workout?” and 2) “Did you do practice your habit?” Simple, yes or no. You record it on your private Lean Eating client home page, and we track it — every single day.

  • Integrated body composition tracking
    Every Saturday, you measure your progress. Some weeks you just step on a scale and measure muscle circumferences with a tape measure; other weeks you’ll do a full skinfold measurement. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you exactly how to do everything, and we track and graph everything for you online. The important thing is that you and we as coaches will always have objective data to go on and not just opinions. With data, we’ll know for sure whether or not it’s working, and we’ll keep tweaking until you’re making the progress you deserve.

  • Integrated photo tracking
    Furthermore, the body transformation process is at least in part about how you look, and so you will measure that too. Every few weeks you’ll take new photos and upload them, and we’ll periodically compare them to where you started. That will be all the motivation you need.

  • Mentorship, support and accountability from expert coaches — 24/7
    A coach’s job is to lead the way — to push you, pick you up and keep you going as the situation requires. And the situation will require all of those things, you can be sure of that. When it does, the best coaches in the business will be on your case.

  • Program Investment:

    $99 to enroll then $149/month non-member, $99/month for members when added to any FTA Training Membership. Minimum 6 months required.

    Start date to be announced, tentatively the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

    Only 25 people per launch. DON’T MISS OUT!!

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