Get ready. It's coming. FTA's new 6 Week Challenge is upon us!

FTA's Septober LIFESTYLE Challenge


Think forward a few weeks from now. Just when you thought that you had been abandoned... left alone to lay in a pool of Labor Day guilt and consequence..

Another Full Throttle Athletics Challenge comes swiftly to your rescue!

That’s right, folks! IT IS TIME! Mental preparation begins now...

In less than 1 month, you will be faced with a decision: Are you ready to REALLY change your lifestyle habits? Are you ready to learn how to effectively transform your daily living habits in order to achieve a higher quality of life?

Introducing: The Septober LIFESTYLE Challenge

*This is NOT a weight-loss challenge. This is NOT for the weak-minded. This challenge has NO room for excuses. In fact, this challenge revolves around identifying the plethora of excuses and obstacles that we inflict on ourselves on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and discover ways that we can overcome these obstacles in our efforts to becoming the healthiest and most fit version of ourselves.

At FTA, we believe that several components comprise a well-rounded health/fitness regimen. If you have never taken the time to really read (and absorb) the FTA 4 Factors of Fitness Success banner, that is your first assignment!

Which area do you struggle with the most? Which areas, if improved, would significantly impact your progress and help you hit those seemingly unattainable goals?

I’ll let that simmer for now. And just FYI....registration for the Septober  LIFESTYLE Challenge begins Monday, August 19th.

More twists and turns to come.