Goal Setting for Success

With the Septober LIFESTYLE Challenge only a few weeks away, it's time to enter "mental preparation" mode. I know you've heard the saying 'mind over matter'. My mother used to recite this phrase like a Bible verse to me when I was growing up. Of course, now I have a much deeper appreciation for its meaning and usefulness in life. YOU decided what you want. YOU decide how you want to achieve your goals. YOU identify obstacles that may hinder your progress. AND YOU apply MIND over MATTER when these inevitable obstacles arise.

In order to experience success within this challenge, you must first set your goals. Be as specific or as general as you would like. DECIDE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE! Only then will you start to form a clear mental picture of what you want and allow you to create benchmarks for your successful journey to goal achievment.

As you know, this Challenge will involve 1 assignment per week and each assignment will consist of 3 parts. Without giving too much away...you may (or may not) be introduced to organized goal setting during week 1 of the Challenge.


So go ahead and get a head start on assignment 1! Start brainstorming what your goals are. Long term? Short term? How can you break them down into easy steps?


We hope that you will select a range of goals that may include:

Iches lost in certain areas

'x' % of body fat reduced

Increased muscle mass

Improved overall health

Remarkable strength gains

OUR FAVORITE: Improved performance (number of body weight pushups, pullups, aerobic capacity, pound that can squat for 'x' reps, ect).

Improved mobility and activities of daily living



No goal is too silly or stupid. Of course, as your success coaches, we will most definitely inform you if your goal may require comitment past the 6 week challenge....which is fine! You can most certainly use this 6 week Challenge to get a running start on your more long-term goals as well.


Remember, improving health, fitness, and overall wellness is a life-long comittment...not just 6 weeks.


So get to thinking!!! We are excited to hear your goals and to help motivate you along the way!!