Herbs and Spices

Written By Kyle Duarte, BS, Nutrition and Wellness  

HERBS and Spices

Coach Kyles’ sleepy REM tea

- I use this tea on the nights I know I need the extra sleep, or if I end up being too wound

up right at bed time.

- Usually I would make a gallon or two of this tea at once and then heat it up as needed.

- Drink this tea 20-30 mins. Before you would usually go to bed.

- Tailor your tea for different ailments that you may have.


- 1 Large Ginger root

- 2 Lemons

- 2 Limes

- Fresh rosemary

- Turmeric

- Cinnamon

- Nutmeg

- Peppermint leaves


1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. While doing that, use a potato peeler the take the

tough skin off of the ginger root and then begin to peel the fresh meat of the ginger into

the pot (you will use it all).

2. Add in the fresh rosemary (Asthma care for me), turmeric (asthma and soreness),

cinnamon (for taste and blood sugar), peppermint leaves (to relax and sooth smooth

muscles) and nutmeg (because it goes well with cinnamon) into the pot and mix well.

3. Finally add the juice of the lemons and limes to take away the bite from the ginger.

4. Cover and let sit for an hour on med-low heat.

5. ***When I check on this concoction I Take a deep breath of the steam, which always

clears my airways/lungs.

6. When pouring into my gallon jugs or tea jug, I use cheese cloth to cover the pot so I only

capture the juices (my preference).

7. When re heating this tea make sure that you put it into a small coffee cup and microwave  for desired temperature and slowly sip until passed out.





HERBS and Spices

It is amazing that spices, oils, and herbs are able to keep the body in order, maintain

bodily functions, or help in repairing the body. The most beneficial remedy I have ever come a

crossed is activated charcoal. This carbon molecule is able to soak up poison out of the most

dangerous bites, it can purify water in the worst conditions and smelly air, and even whiten your

teeth. Activated charcoal is what doctors use when people try to kill themselves with toxic pills

or poison and is used by Smirnoff, to purify their vodka (idk how proud I am of this one).

Circumin, is a small substance found in turmeric, which alleviates the delayed onset of

muscle soreness.

Turmeric, rosemary, and peppermint are wonderful for asthma or respiratory diseases.

Garlic is one of the best anti-inflammatory remedies.

o After rugby matches, a stressful injury, or a long deep tissue massage I use one

bulb of garlic finely minced in four ounces of extremely hot water. Allow the

garlic to break down just a few minutes, add two ice cubes into it to chill and

drink the mixture (I apologize for the spouses that have to deal with this). The

next morning I always feel like a champion!

AS you can see from the following above that it is important to use spices when cooking.

Bland food is never good to eat and the palate gets very bored of that repetition. “spice” up

your kitchen and meals with some different herbs that not only taste great, but give you added

benefits. Cooking is meant to be fun, and like a science experiment, but with the family or