Holiday Eating Tips

Holiday Eating Tips

Halloween has now passed—I hope everyone controlled the temptation to devour too many delicious little chocolate morsels (it’s always the mini sized candy that’s the most dangerous…)

If you have recently adopted a more nutritionally compliant lifestyle, you now realize that compliant requires that you must overcome an incredible amount of food temptations! To maintain 90% compliance (refer to your Precision Nutrition Habits), it can be difficult to say ‘no’, especially around the holiday season.

Yes, Halloween and the sweets are over… but Thanksgiving and Christmas are closing in quickly (complete with old family recipes and stubborn relatives that won’t let you say ‘no’!) Not only must you fight the urge to devour a chocolate pecan pie (with whip cream?), but you must also find a way to navigate through the minefields of food temptation without stomping on well-meaning relatives’ feelings in the process.

You may be hesitant to inform your relatives and family about your new lifestyle changes, especially if they have witness you trying and failing in the past. Just remember, you are not simply ‘going through a phase’ right now on some ‘fad diet’ plan. You are a Full Throttle Athletics client that has learned that ‘diets’ are useless, and this is not a ‘phase’…it’s a lifestyle!!


The holiday season does not have to be full of stress, nor does it have to destroy all of your recent progress. Remain calm and use a couple of these helpful tips:

-          Make time to review your goals and place them in the open for a constant reminder.

-          When planning, take everything into consideration, along with your own needs (yes they are important)!

-          Plan your ‘reward meals’! If you know that you will have a non-compliant meal on Saturday night at Grandma’s house…work extra diligently to maintain 90% compliance leading up to your reward meal. And do not cheat yourself—only YOU know whether you earned your reward meal.

-          Review your precision nutrition habits, and plan meals according to your specific needs.

-          Eat the same portions that you normally eat

-          Take ten seconds in between eat bite of food, to allow the stomachs’ receptors to relay the “full” message before you over-eat.

-          Drink water before your meal.

-          Pre plan your own meal if going to someone else’s house, or ask if you can prepare a dish to bring for everyone as well.

-          Be prepared to answer any and all questions about your lifestyle.

-          Be PROUD of your new lifestyle!

-          If you are truly ready for a change, temptation will never conquer desire.


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