Holiday Season Workout Tips

As you venture into the holiday season, stress may be rising with regards to how you’re ever going to get through all the different things that you have to do.  You have a to-do list that feels never ending and getting to the gym just doesn’t seem all that possible. If you want to get through the holidays with your weight intact however, it’s going to be important that you are making sure that you are trying to squeeze in fitness training as often as possible.

But, before you start feeling overwhelmed, consider the following tips. If you plan wisely, you can still maintain your fitness without it having to take up hours of your week.

Get Active Outdoors

The first tip to remember is to try and plan as many social gatherings doing outdoor activities as possible.  For instance, rather than having people over for dinner, plan an afternoon of skiing.

Or, go out for a walk around the town, looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations.

Perhaps rather than meeting a friend for coffee to catch-up, you can do your Christmas shopping together.

All of these will help to increase your total daily calorie burn and get fitness into the equation.

The more activity you can incorporate into your day to day living, the less time you’ll have to devote to doing gym workouts.

Do A Full Body Plan

Second, when it comes to those gym workouts, if you’re not currently using a full body workout plan, now is definitely the time to switch over to one.

Full body workouts are great because they’ll work each and every muscle group in the body in just 30 minutes or so, and only require a minimum time commitment of two sessions per week.

That is just one hour total that you need to devote to the gym, which is something even the busiest of individuals should be able to do.

Full body workouts are also ideal for boosting your metabolic rate and helping you burn calories fast, so they’re great for preventing holiday weight gain.

Do Mini Workouts Throughout The Day

Finally, the last quick tip to remember is to try and get active throughout the day.  Don’t get overwhelmed in feeling that you have to get to the gym for 45 minutes of cardio training.

Instead, break it up, doing 15 minute segments at various points during the day.  Shorter sessions often feel far more doable for those with busy schedules and before you know it, you’ll have your three sessions in.

As an added benefit, the exercise added throughout the day will serve as an instant energy boost, so this can also make your day that much better as well.

So don’t abandon hope that you’ll maintain your fitness this holiday season. Instead, use smart strategies that allow you to stay on course and still see the results you’re after without taking away from all the fun holiday activities that you have planned.


UncategorizedB.J. Bliffert