North Texas Kettlbell Open Results

Amanda Lampert – 1st place  - 12kg – 5 minute Snatch – 77 reps

Amanda Lampert

“It was pretty cool.. I was a wee bit nervous, but once I got up there it wasn't bad. I definitely would like to do it again, but maybe go for 10 minutes next time... Which means I guess I have to practice...”

 Amanda Wegner – 1st place – 16kg – Snatch - 125 reps

Amanda KB

Amy Georgoulakos – 2nd place – 12kg – Long Cycle – 72 reps

Amy G

Angela Saunders – 1st place – 16kg – Biathlon – 65 Jerks, 85 Snatches

Angela Saunders

"The competition on Saturday was the last competition of my first full year on the Kettle bell Team at FTA.  It was my third competition for the year, and even though I was dealing with being sick, there was no way I was not going to compete with my team, in my home town!   The support I felt while on the platform, from not only my own teammates, but the kettle bell community overall, was awesome.  It helped me finish!  I love this sport because we all are on our own journeys with our own individual goals, but still support each other.  I am honored to hear I inspired some people this year and am a lifter with “heart”.   I’ll take it!  This community is addictive.  Thanks for 2013, and I can’t wait to lift with heart, and more strength, in 2014."

BJ Bliffert – 1st place – 24kg – Biathlon – 99 jerks, 125 snatches

BJ Bliffert

Christy Dunton – 1st place – 12kg – Snatch – 142 reps

Christy Dunton

"I am so grateful for finding a Kettlebell Club that is so welcoming and talented. I am probably the newest member (less than 4 weeks) and Amanda got me prepared and motivated to compete in my first competition. Last weekend's competition was an awesome and motivating experience! It's been so many years since I have experienced camaraderie & team work like I experienced last weekend! I was accepted, cheered for, and celebrated w/ after my flight! I wish I lived closer to bond more with my team but I will make sure I train with every possible chance!! This Kettlebell team is legit & I'm so thankful I found them!!"

Darrel Copeland – 4th place – 16kg – Long Cycle – 51 reps

Daryl Copeland

Erin Walker – 1st place – 16kg – Snatch – 186 reps

Candidate for Master of Sport

Erin Walker

"I must admit, when I first stepped into the world of kettlebell sport, I never could have imagined it would be this fun competing! It all boils down to you, the bell, and the clock. This sport is incredible for so many reasons. (1) The mental challenge induced by skill acquisition that was completely foreign to me! (2) The physical (and mental) challenge that accompanies strength-endurance training (3) The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when 10 minutes of max effort is completed (4) The camaraderie and support of the kettlebell community! I love my FTA KB Club athletes, and I cannot wait to witness the inevitable growth of this amazing sport in the U.S."

Ian Baker – 1st Place – 16kg – 5 Minute Snatch – 58 reps

Ian Baker

Jennifer Brady – 1st place – 12kg – Snatch – 157 reps

Jennifer Brady

"My journey: Going from, "I think i might want to compete" to "when is the next competition".... 'nuff said.

Competition: This one... was awesome.  Support, love and encouragement... hit a PR and then some.  Looking forward to many many more. (never thought I would say that)... this.

The club: MY (extended) FAMILY - what an amazing group of supportive and loving people.... both on the FTA team and throughout the small kettlebell world I have met..."

 Jenny Harry – 1st Place – 8kg – 205 reps

Jenny Harry

"As someone who has never done an individual sport and has only competed in team sports I had this idea that it would just be me and me alone.  I couldn't have been more wrong. Not one time did I feel alone out there from the moment I stepped onto that platform to the moment I got off.  I was never alone... in fact I could not have felt more welcome or more encouraged.  As someone who came into a new sport I did not like it.  I did not like it because I was not any good and it did not come to me as quickly as I had wanted.  However,  I kept going because I did  not want to suck and I wanted that one moment of 'that's it, you got it.'  It is truly a bad ass sport.  You are the elite and you are the few that takes the challenge to step foot on that platform and leave it all on there.  To challenge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. You find what you are made of and you work to do better then your best.  It is the most mentally challenging sport I have ever done because it is just you and the bell.  You have the most supportive  team that is pushing you along the way.  It is also one of the most physically challenging sports as it goes beyond just weight training.  It is a sport where your mental toughness and your physical ability collide into this synergistic power house of phenomenal ability.  You leave wanting more. You thrive on the challenge.  You wake up with the mindset to finish.  You strive to be great.  And just when you think you have no more left to give you do something you did not know you had in you."

Jessica Nelson – 1st place  - 12kg – Long Cycle – 120 reps

Jessica Nelson

"The NTXO was my 2nd competition, but my first in long cycle. I was immediately reminded why I do this. Being surrounded by 'competitors' who cheer us on, give us pointers, don't let us give up...there's nothing like it. That's the culture of this sport. The coaches at Full Throttle have taken it even a step further. They've created more than a club or team, they've created a community, a family. I look forward to the next time I get to step on the platform, and hear my 2nd family push me to 10 minutes. I've gotten to a place where I look forward to those 'family reunions.'"

Jim Glover – 1st place – 20kg – Long Cycle – 62 reps

Jim Glover

Jim Saunders – 1st place – 20kg – Long Cycle – 65 reps

Jim Saunders

Kathryn Gillia – 1st place – 8kg – Snatch – 161 reps

Kathryn Gillia

Kelly Townsend – 1st place – 16kg – Biathlon – 100 jerks, 61 snatches

Kelly Townsend

"Well, kettlebell sport means the world to me. I was on this weird infertility path of just feeling hopeless and unhealthy. I started training with kettlebells 7 months ago. I've lost around 20 lbs, I feel so much better than I have in years, and I am finally 7 weeks pregnant (I've never been past 4 or 5 weeks and have never seen a heartbeat until this time). I really feel like my overall health and really my spirit are the best healthiest versions of me I have ever been. And of course, being a part of such an amazing team and pushing each other, and challenging yourself to do more, be better, is super rewarding. Totally loving it and hope to be in this sport for a long time to come!!"

Kori Bliffert – 1st place – 12kg – Snatch – 132 reps

Kori Bliffert

Kristy Wall – 2nd place – 12kg – Snatch – 107 reps

Kristy Wall

Liz Velasco – 3rd place – 12kg – Snatch – 132 reps

Liz Velasco

"For me, one time on the platform and I knew for certain I was hooked. I really wanted to not love it. I was only "trying" kettlebells out as part of my get out of my comfort zone and try new things commitment to myself this year. Then I could move on and go back to what I was doing , but even leading up to that I was becoming more and more addicted with every training session, with every swing. I will always fight as hard as I can to finish what I start, but I have never been more nervous, more unsure of myself, or more scared that I wouldn't have the physical or mental strength to get through the 10 minutes. I did make it through the 10 minutes and it was truly one of my most exciting moments. It is crazy how you can zone out but still hear your teammates cheering you on and willing you to keep swinging!!! One would be hard pressed to find a sport with more camaraderie and general desire for others to succeed than this. I hope to be able to grow with this group of people. What a truly amazing experience!"

Rachel Manning – 1st place – 16kg – Biathlon  – 106 jerks, 164 snatches

Candidate for Master of Sport

Rachel Manning

Robert Blackford – 1st place – 20kg – Long Cycle – 64 reps

Robert Blackford

Scott Vivian – 3rd place – 16kg – Long Cycle – 69 reps

Scott Vivian

Stacey Blackford – 1st place – 12kg – Snatch – 183 reps

Stacey Blackford

"Being part if the FTKB has been such a great experience for me. I've learned to push myself more than I ever have, and am stronger than I've ever been in. I've conquered fears of being in front of a crowd on the platform thanks to the support of my team. Most importantly I've made some lifelong friends that are like family to me."

Taran Roddy

Taran Roddy – 1st place – 12kg – Long Cycle – 95 reps

Special Thanks to:

The Orange Kettlebell Club, for bringing the OKC to North Texas.

Dr. Mark Zuber and his team, for keeping all of us kettlebell athletes in working order.

The Dallas Morning News, for publicizing our event.

Jenny Harry and Robert Blackford, for taking a ton of great photos of the event.

All of the spectators, for coming to support the lifters.

And last but certainly not least….

Group PIc

All of the lifters, for giving it your all! This event was for lifters, by lifters. Congratulations to all who came to lift. Getting up on that platform shows you have the heart of a warrior!