PN Habit #6

Your Weekly Wednesday Nutrition Tip

-from Coach Kyle D.


Precision Nutrition Habit 6:

-Eat mostly whole foods, with the exception being that post workout drink, and pre/peri workout drinks.

Why are processed foods so bad?

Processed foods have something either taken away from them or something added, much like sugars, oils, and refined grains. These processed items tend to have higher fat content and have less of the nutrients the body needs to function. The added fats and oils make them taste so good, which is why 63% of calories in the American diet come from processed items.

Processed foods are different from canned beans, vegetables, fruits and meat. Though they hold the nutritional value of these foods remains the same the sodium, sugar, or nitrate/nitrite levels may be extremely high.

In canned vegetables and beans it is very important to find the packaged items that have NO SALT ADDED on the label. Do not believe all Labels, the main one should be the Ingredient labels on the back or side. With these the sodium should be equal to or less than the calories in serving. So if there are 200 calories for a can of beans, the sodium should not be over 200(THIS WILL SHOCK YOU WHEN YOU LOOK THE FIRST TIME). Another way to get around the high sodium is to rinse the beans and veggies thoroughly. This can wash away up to 41% of the sodium.

With canned meats/fish it is very important to find the products that have no BPA, or NITRATES/NITRITES, because biomechanically when mixed with amino acids, they become very difficult for your body to digest.

Lastly the high sugars added to fruit when canned can and should be washed away before you cook or consume the fruits.

My recipes always have canned items, How do I use whole foods?

Whole foods are going to make your meals taste like they were intended to without all of the extra sodium and preservatives. Trying to make your meals with whole tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes is going to be quite different, but your taste buds will come around to the natural taste of food after a few meals. Also there are simple ways to add flavor to meals using celery, carrots, whole garlic cloves, and onions instead of salty seasonings. These flavonoids open up the true flavors of other foods they are cooked with as well.

***Cooking is all about the experience, do not feel stressed about how much of this to use or how long it takes to prepare. Get the family involved and experiment with Whole foods in every meal!***

What are everyday WHOLE foods?

Whole Foods are those found in their natural state without being refined or enhanced as little as possible.





Eggs & Low-Fat Dairy

Beans & Legumes

Poultry & Lean Meats

Nuts, Seeds & Oils

Grains(Post Workout)

Spices & Herbs



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