Post Workout Recovery

Post Workout Recovery Kyle Duarte BS Nutrition and Wellness

Post workout recovery is something that we all know to be one of the most critical

moments of training. Not only is making it to the gym hard, but it’s the recovery and fueling

process during the rest of the day that attacks most. As we have researched and tested out

different approaches to recovery, we have come up with a way to replenish glycogen stores in

the depleted muscles, and add amino acids to the tissues that need repairing.

The research tells us that anything from 2:1 ratio to a 3:1 carb:protein ratio is ideal for

optimal recovery. Taking that into consideration that is why we see more carbs than protein in

our new MACRO breakdown for post workout recover drink.


Why do we need carbs? “Is butter a CARB?”(haha BJ….)

Carbs are broken down and stored in the muscle and liver as a substance called glycogen. This

glycogen goes through a process called glycogenesis (no you will not be quizzed on this) to

create glucose for the muscles and body to use as fuel. Once your session you have most likely

depleted all of the glucose circulating in the blood stream and you have tapped into the glycogen

stores in the muscle and liver. By the end of the workout you feel drawn out and tired, and so do

your muscles (because there is no more fuel in them).

This is where the important stuff comes into play! Once you have depleted the glycogen

stores in the body it is time to replenish these stores as quick as possible. Yes, carbs from the

sweet potatoes, rice, and vegetables will be able to the trick, but what if I said there was a faster


A liquid form, that is able to spike blood glucose, will bypass the long process of

digestion (mastication and addition of digestive enzymes throughout the stomach, small, and

large intestines) and is able to be absorbed much quicker.

*The spike in blood insulin is best described by Dr. Jay Sutliffe from the University of Northern


“Insulin is like the keys to a cells door (pathway). The spike in a post workout shake

allows for the cells to open and the nutrients, like glucose to flood the depleted cells.”

What post workout recovery drink does FTA recommend?

We recommend that in order to get the best out of the recovery process that you are

mixing SFH Pure (most likely vanilla) and Glycofuse (strawberry/kiwi or Orange/Mango, both

are amazing). One scoop of the vanilla protein to get all of the necessary amino acids for

rebuilding and two scoops of the glycofuse to get adequate glycogen back into those muscles.

*note this is a general mixture, you may need more or less depending on your body metrics*


SFH Vanilla Whey