Septober LIFESTYLE Challenge FAQs


Registration for the Septober LIFESTYLE Challenge began a few days ago. We’re already excited to see so many people take the first step in making transformative life-style changes! As we mentioned before, this Challenge is about so much more than weight loss and body fat recomposition. It provides a 6 week curriculum that will encourage Challengers to implement an all-encompassing health/fitness approach that includes exercise, nutrition, motivation/mentality, recovery, maintenance, and more!


Review the FAQs below for an easy overview!


What if I don’t have a partner?

No worries! You have plenty of time to run across another member that would like to pair up with you. However, if you still do not have a partner by the kick-off event, we will gladly provide you a partner-in-crime.

What if I am traveling during  a portion of the Challenge?

That’s no problem! In fact, it’s a blessing in disguise. The purpose of this Challenge is to overcome obstacles to optimal health/fitness. Traveling often poses an incredible obstacle for even the most dedicated health/exercise enthusiasts. By taking part in this Challenge, FTA Coaches will help you find ways to maintain compliance despite sporadic traveling schedules.


Do I have to attend all of the listed events in order to participate?

Of course not! We understand that you are busy and that you have obligations that may inhibit your attendance at all of the Challenge events. No worries! Just make it to as many as possible! Points will be awarded for attendance, but if you don’t mind losing a few point opportunities here and there, go for it!


How will we earn points?

Ha.ha.ha (*maniacal laugh). Weekly video assignments will be delivered  each Saturday via Facebook post. Assignments will introduce new weekly recipes, nutrition principles, and ‘mini’ challenges for you to implement within your daily/weekly health/fitness regimen. Other point-earning opportunities will include: winning the combines, attending nutrition seminars and grocery trip tour (free), uploading your own favorite compliant recipes, submitting nutrition logs, and more :)


How will the grand prize partner be decided?

The grand prize partner will be selected based upon most point accumulated. Any partner ties will be resolved via a ‘death round’ at the final combine!


What if I don’t have much weight to lose?

No problem! If you are entering the challenge close to your ideal weight, your focus will be on other areas of fitness. Increasing lean muscle mass? Planning and organizing meals? Setting realistic goals and implementing? Effectively promoting the recovery process to avoid ‘burn out’?


What happens to my FTA membership when I purchase a Challenge package?

Your FTA membership will keep on keepin’ on. The Challenge packages are simply an add-on to your current membership. We understand that you may not be able to fit in each and every session, nor should you try if your body needs rest days.


Will both my partner and myself be required to submit the assignments?

For the most part- no. The 3-part video assignments will require that only 1 of the partners submit the assignment. However, each Challenger will be responsible for uploading any weekly nutrition log and progress pictures (for points!)


Do I have to sign up for the same package as my partner? Do my partner and I have to train together at FTA?

Nope! You don’t even have to know your partner, really. However,  it would definitely help if you liked your partner...unless a mutual hate would increase competitive drive...


Can I drop out of the Challenge at any point?

No. :)    Mentally, yes, I suppose.

Please forward all additional questions to !




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