The A.S.A.P Elite Training Summer Program at FTA

2K14 A.S.A.P Elite Summer Training Program

at Full Throttle Athletics


Attention all high school, college, and college-bound athletes in Frisco, Little Elm, The Colony, and surrounding communities:

It’s time to get an edge on your competition THIS SUMMER at Full Throttle Athletics. If you are looking for the highest level of sports performance training in the Frisco area, you have found the place!

Parents: you do not have to worry about sending your youth athlete into a packed weight-room, monitored by only a few coaches. FTA ensures that the optimal coach-to-athlete ratio is maintained so that athletes receive the instruction that is required for a true summer transformation.

High school and college students: No more generic ‘one size fits all’ strength and conditioning templates that you share with your teammates. Each athlete receives his/her own summer program, designed specifically for them, based on their initial assessment, goals, and primary sport.

Full Throttle Athletics,  is excited to announce the 2K14  A.S.A.P. Elite Training Summer Program. This summer, serious athletes, ages 13+ have the opportunity to enhance their:




& Power

FTA’s sports trainers will be working with youth athletes,  ages 13 years through high school, as well as college and college-bound athletes. The ultimate goal of the A.S.A.P. Elite Training Program is to prepare athletes for the next stage in their athletic career, whether it be high school football tryouts, an upcoming varsity golf season, or college volleyball.

The A.S.A.P. curriculum is designed to fulfill FTA’s simple, yet effective, youth training mission: to provide athletes with the most comprehensive and scientifically-sound training program in a safe, motivating, and engaging environment.

Throughout the entirety of the program, coaches emphasize technique and form-- “quality over quantity”. Within the FTA facility, if athletes cannot properly perform a movement/lift, coaches take time to instruct  the athlete prior to increasing load or volume. This ensures that the athlete truly achieves the goals of the program and therefore becomes more injury resistant.

For middle school athletes:

Athletes as young as 12 and 13 years will receive an introductory agility, speed, and power training program. In addition to the speed work, Coaches will lead athletes through the basic movement patterns necessary for building a solid ‘lifting base’. Athletes will also learn weight room safety and how to avoid injury that results from  improper lifting practices.

For high school athletes:

This is not your typical summer strength and conditioning program. In fact, the individualized programs that you will receive within the A.S.A.P. summer program will cater specifically to the speed and power requirements of your sport and your position. Athletes will work in a small group, intimate training environment to ensure that each athlete receives detailed instruction and coaching within each session. The A.S.A.P. program would compliment any summer strength and conditioning program in which an athlete would concurrently participate.

For college & college-bound athletes:

When you’re an elite athlete, nothing is more important than pre-season training! If you’re serious about performing at the college level, you have to train smarter. The A.S.A.P. summer program will provide you with all of the tools necessary for elevating your sport performance at the college level, regardless of your sport. If you have been provided a summer lifting program by your college coach--no problem. Simply bring it in, and we will help you implement your program AND keep you accountable throughout the summer (yes, this includes nutritional accountability as well).

ALL athletes that enroll in the

A.S.A.P. Elite Training Summer Program will receive:


  • Initial Performance Diagnostic to determine appropriate injury prevention measures and starting strength/speed levels

  • 3x/week individualized training program

    • Acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction

    • First-step quickness, linear, and lateral speed

    • Structured strength and power development

    • Injury prevention techniques (tissue quality, correctives, flexibility)

    • Easy at home/off day conditioning workouts (optional)

  • Fueling for Nutrition Handbook and nutritional coaching

  • Ongoing goal identification and check-ins (maintain mental focus and accountability)


DO NOT HESITATE to enroll your athlete (or to enroll yourself) for Full Throttle Athletic’s 2K14 A.S.A.P. Elite Summer Training Program. To maintain a small-group training environment, FTA is limiting enrollment to ONLY 8 serious athletes per session!



FTA will begin accepting enrollment applications May 5.

Early Enrollment Special (15%) ends May 23rd at midnight


White Chip (One Phase: up to 12 sessions) = $375
Choose one training 4-week training phase:
  • Phase I: June 9th – July 3rd
  • Phase II: July 7th – August 1st
  • Phase III: August 4th – August 29th
Red Chip (Two Training Phases: up to 24 sessions) = $675 ($75 savings)
Choose two 4-week training phases:
  • Phase I: June 9th – July 3rd
  • Phase II: July 7th – August 1st
  • Phase III: August 4th – August 29th
Blue Chip (Three Phases: up to 36 sessions) = $950 ($175 savings)
  • Your athlete will participate in all three training phases, giving them three training sessions a week for 12 weeks
  • June 9th -- August 29th
Athletes ages 12- 17 may select from the following training times/days (3x/week maximum):
*Athletes 18+ will be provided with additional training scheduling options*

Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays at 10am - 11:30 am

Mondays - Thursdays 5:30pm- 7:00pm