The Importance of Goal Setting for Success!

FTA Family,

For those of you that have registered for the Meltdown to Memorial Day Challenge (or those that are planning on registering), I would like to share a short post with you about 'goal setting'. Since this Challenge is only 6 weeks long, we need for everyone to take care of some homework as the Challenge nears!

In order to experience success within this Challenge, you must first set your goals! This may seem like common sense, but you know how time flies..and before you know it, April 15th will be here and you have no plan! Start planning now and DECIDE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE!

Be as specific or as general as you would like with your goals. Only then will you start to form a clear mental picture of what you want, which will allow you to establish benchmarks for your successful journey to goal achievement!

For the Meltdown to Memorial Day Challenge, we hope that you will select a range of goals that may include:

Iches lost in certain areas

 'x' % of body fat reduced

 Increased muscle mass

 Improved overall health

 Remarkable strength gains

 OUR FAVORITE: Improved performance (number of body weight pushups, pullups, aerobic capacity, pound that can squat for 'x' reps, ect).

 Improved mobility and activities of daily living


 Today, I want you to think about your goals and what exactly you want to get out of this challenge. Keep in mind that we will go over these goals in detail at your Success Meeting during the first week of the Challenge. You will be sharing these goals with your team and your success coach. So do your homework!

No goal is too silly or stupid. Of course, as your success coaches, we will most definitely inform you if your goal may require commitment past the 6 week challenge....which is fine! You can most certainly use this 6 week Challenge to get a running start on your more long-term goals (which you should always have) as well.

 Remember, improving health, fitness, and overall wellness is a life-long commitment...not just 6 weeks.

 So get to thinking!!! We are excited to hear your goals and to help motivate you along the way!!