What is the TORQUE Program at Full Throttle?

Take a look at most athletes and you will see that along with improved performance comes great fitness results.  In fact, most of us strive to obtain the look of an athlete.  We don’t have the desire to be big and bulky like a bodybuilder (guys, no problem if you do!), however we will take strong, lean and defined like an athlete. If you are currently attending FTA sessions on a regular basis, you have probably heard about the new FTA strength training program ,Torque.  

What is Torque?!

Torque is an all-encompassing fitness program with a strength training emphasis. By using a proven template design with built-in progressions and regressions, any trainee can successfully experience results within the Torque program as trainees are progressed to utilizing a barbell for all standard moves.  (Before you go into panic mode) As it is an all-encompassing program, metabolic conditioning is most definitely included!

Although Torque emphasizes consistent gains in strength and performance, participants will also, undoubtedly, experience complete transformations in body re-composition and muscular definition and toning.

With progressions integrated into the template, an efficient and systematic approach is created which enables you to experience results at a rapid pace (as long as commitment to training is accompanied by adherence to our nutritional guidelines).  Also, as the program will be delivered in teams, this creates a more cost efficient option for you, the member. With teams of this size, you will have the opportunity to continue to build a strong community and experience increased accountability alongside other trainees striving toward the same performance-based goals.

Upon entering the program, members will be provided the opportunity to receive a Fitness Diagnostic ( Functional Movement Screen, body composition analysis, and a performance evaluation). This will provide all Torque members with objective criteria with which to track progress. Obviously, this is critical within a performance-based program. We hope that members will see that improvements and strides in performance also result in desired physical attributes.