"What is TORQUE? How can I test drive the program?"

Discover your inner athlete at Full Throttle Athletics

Take a look at most athletes and you will see that along with improved performance comes great fitness results.  In fact, most of us strive to obtain the look of an athlete.  We don’t have the desire to be big and bulky like a bodybuilder (guys, no problem if you do!), however we will take strong, lean and defined like an athlete.

Don’t consider yourself a competitive person by nature? No worries. The competitive itch is not a prerequisite to the TORQUE program—only the desire to set your own PRs (personal record) at each and every session.

“What is TORQUE?”

TORQUE is a complete fitness solution formulated around Full Throttle’s 4 Factors of Fitness.  Emphasis is placed on consistent gains in strength to build a lean, toned physique that ramps up your metabolism and burns more calories, even at rest. In addition to a strong metabolic training component, TORQUE increases cardiovascular fitness and overall performance to create a synergistic environment in which your fat cells cannot survive.

The combination of mindset, movement, nutrition, and recovery creates a systematic approach that enables our clients to experience results at a rapid pace.

  • Mentality: It all comes down to goals, actions and behaviors.  If your actions and behaviors don’t align with your goals, it doesn’t matter how much you want something, it isn’t going to happen. Before you even lift a single weight in TORQUE, you will have the opportunity to meet with an FTA Success Coach in your initial Success Session to map out your unique goals, and to develop an action plan for these goals.


  • Movement: Everyone knows they need to exercise.  But, do they know how to do it correctly, safely and,most importantly, in the right doses? Just like drugs and medications, exercise causes specific reactions in the body.  And, just like drugs and medications, too much of a good thing (or in the case of exercise, a good intention) can lead to some harmful effects. Within the TORQUE program, you will perform a complete Fitness Diagnostic that enables FTA Coaches to identify any asymmetries or weaknesses that need addressed to ensure that you are not only safe, but also functioning at your most optimal level. Coaches take the time to find your beginning strength levels and ensure that you are comfortable with your lifts from day 1.


  • Nutrition: The pillar people love to hate. People love to over-complicate nutrition, but the green box says it all. You need a specific amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Yes, you need all three.  The zero carb diet thing is not sustainable and derives the body, specifically your brain, of a major fuel source. When you decide that TORQUE is the training program for you, you will receive FTA’s complete nutrition guide prior to beginning to the program. At your initial Success Session, you will review the nutrition guide alongside your nutrition log to ensure that you have the necessary tools for beginning your journey toward nutritional compliance. We also understand that the journey to nutritional compliance is full of wrong turns and bumpy roads—it is for this reason that we offer a plethora of nutritional workshops and seminars throughout the year to keep you on track!


  • Recovery: The most misunderstood pillar is recovery--this is unfortunate, because it’s easily the most important. More is not better. Taking the proper steps to aid in recovery is crucial to your progress.  A Full Throttle approved Post- Workout shake jumpstarts the process, we recommend having this waiting for you at the end of your training session. Everybody should own a foam roller and use it on a daily basis.  Extra care and stretching of tight muscles and a monthly massage will go a long way to ensure you are in tip top shape and prepared to press on.


So..NOW are you ready to discover your inner athlete at Full Throttle Athletics?

As we previously mentioned, increases in overall performance are accompanied by noticeable changes in physique: decreased body fat, increased muscular definition and tone, and a gradual transformation to the athletic figure that we all strive to achieve.

I need to lose 25-50 pounds. Won’t I benefit from more cardio?

Popular fitness magazine would have you believe that is the case. Science has proven, and we have seen through experience, that a properly designed fitness program- complete with strength and metabolic training- beats pure cardio any day


What if I have an injury or limitation?”

Using our unique assessment process, we are able to, instead of working around a client’s limitations, address these limitations head on. At FTA, we do not believe in ‘adding fitness to dysfunction’. By using a proven template design with built-in progressions, any client can successfully experience results within the TORQUE program.  The programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client.


“Will I get bulky?”

No—exactly the opposite. Contrary to popular belief, strength training (and specifically free-weight training) creates a tight, toned, sleek, and sexy female physique.


“I’ve never used free weights before…”

No problem—we actually prefer that. This way, we can teach you proper form and technique from day 1. You will have no bad habits to break!


“Do I need to get in shape before joining TORQUE?

No. In fact, TORQUE is the perfect place to start! Unlike large group exercise, our team personal training philosophy allows us to meet every client no matter where they land on the fitness spectrum.

The TORQUE program is not something that you ‘graduate to’. We feel that it is where everyone should start.


“Is TORQUE just for men? Is it just for women? How many athletes train within one session?”

TORQUE sessions are delivered in teams of up to 15 athletes per session. Both men and women participate in the TORQUE program. Although they may have different goals, their goals can be achieved through application of almost identical exercise stimulus!

Within teams of this size, you will have the opportunity to continue to build a strong community and experience increased accountability alongside other athletes striving toward the same performance-based goals.


“I am training for a half or full marathon. Will this type of training improve my running performance?”

Undoubtedly, yes! If you are preparing for any type of long-distance running competition, we suggest incorporating structured strength training  into your training regimen to improve your performance. Strength training with free weights will enable you to decrease your running volume—which results in less pounding on your joints. It will also increase your muscular endurance—a critical component within endurance sports. We also provide long-distance runners with additional mobility and tissue quality exercises to decrease the likelihood of overuse injuries.


If you are interested in experiencing the TORQUE strength and metabolic conditioning program, FTA offers a 28 Day Test drive for only $99! Email FullThrottleAthletics@yahoo.com to schedule your free consultation.