Why fitness resolutions suck and how to set yourself up for success.

  Well, it’s that time of year again.

If you’re like millions of people all over the world you've started to think about how you’re going to make 2015 your year, right?

You start thinking about ALL the things you’re going to change and how it’s going to lead to ultimate happiness.

And, if you’re like everyone else, one of the things you’re going to change (or attempt to change) is your body.

The most common New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape, lose body fat, build some lean, toned muscle or maybe create the body of your favorite celebrity.

While I commend you for concisely trying to improve your health, this year probably won’t be any different than last year.


Because resolutions suck.  They just do.

We try to make wholesale changes by using the kitchen sink approach and before you know it, you’re burnt out.

So, to help you out, I have put together 3 things to avoid in order to help you finally get in shape this year and avoid the February 1 burnout that so many people hit:

Don’t change everything at once.

Like I said, the kitchen sink approach doesn't work.  Your mind only has the capacity to do so much and make so many decision in one day.  Think of your ability to make decisions throughout the day like the gas tank on your car.  You start the day out with a full tank, but as the day wears on, your ability to make even the smallest decision starts to wane.  You can only make so many decisions on a given day, just like you can only drive so far on one tank of gas.

Start with a small habit you can maintain for a week.  Once you successfully complete a week, add another small change.  This gets you momentum, like a snowball rolling downhill. Continue this process and before you know it you've created a full blown avalanche of new, good habits.

This strategy eliminates your need to constantly decide on and implement ALL of these new changes you set for yourself on January 1.

Too much, Too soon.

With all the horrible misinformation out there floating around on infomercials, the internet and even in the marketing of “strip mall fitness” business.  (Think 24hour Fitness, OrangeTheory, Curves).  People tend to think they need to get their ass kicked in the gym 24/7/365.

While I enjoy a tough workout as much as the next guy, this isn't the case.  In fact you should be striving to only achieve the Minimum Effective Dose.


Yeah, that’s right.  The body adapts to stress (read that as builds fitness with exercise being the stressor) on a model of progressive overload.

Progressive is the key word.  If you start at the most intense activity, where do you progress to?

The answer is, you don’t.  You either get hurt, burn out to plateau.

Have a Plan.

Most people start with resolutions that are too vague.

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to get toned.”

“I want to eat better.”

“I want to exercise more.”

By not creating a finite goal and setting benchmarks and checkpoints along the way it’s literally impossible to achieve a goal.

Think of a road trip, for me I think about driving back to Milwaukee from Frisco.  I know that If I’m going to make it in 16 hours I need to be in certain places by certain times.  I should be in Joplin, MO in five hours, St Louis in 10 hours and leaving that God forsaken state of Illinois and crossing in Wisconsin in 15 hours.

If you have a goal of losing 20 pounds, you need a plan and checkpoints to ensure you are on course to hit your goal.

Since I’m anti-quick fix, I say about 20 weeks to lose 20 pounds is reasonable.  So a pound a week, but more importantly in 10 weeks you should be down 10lbs and be able to maintain it. There’s no point in rushing and being forced to back track or worse yet, start over.

I know I have only given you 3 things here, but they are important.  I also understand that they can seem a little overwhelming and require a god amount of planning on your part.

Luck for you, there’s a fourth strategy.

Save your decision making power and you time by having someone else plan for you.

Lucky for you I do all of this for you as a coach.  I take all the thinking out of it and all you need to do is implement.

Super simple.  Show up, do the work.

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Start 2015 off right!