Your 6 Precision Nutrition Habits

1. Find a meal spacing template that best fits your lifestyle. This may be frequent meals that fall every two to three hours, or larger meals that are spread over longer periods of time.  

2. Eat a complete protein at each meal.  As a general rule if it had a face, it's fair game.  For plant based options (for veggies and vegans), beans and lentils become your "protein food".  Also a good choice if budget is concern, beans are cheap.


3. Make sure that the majority of your carbs in a day are from fruits and vegetables. Make sure there is at least one serving of fruits or vegetables in every meal.


4. Ensure 25-30% of your caloric intake comes from fat, ideally split between saturated (solid at room temp), mono-unsaturated (olive oil),

and poly-unsaturated (flax oil, salmon oil) don't stress over this.


5. Only drink NON-calorie containing beverages.  Water and green tea are best.


6. Eat mostly whole foods, with the exception being that post workout drink, and pre/peri workout drinks.

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