Kori Bliffert

SInce I was 8 years old I was fat.

I remember my mom trying to put me on diets at the age of 10, trying to get me interested in sports and or exercise.

I wasn’t ready.

Until I didn’t make the cheerleading squad in eighth grade because, well, I was fat.

That is when the starvation and the yo-yo dieting started. I was on and off over-the-counter diet pills all through college.

I never weighed myself at my heaviest. All I know is my size 16 jeans were extremely tight.

Since then through sensible eating and exercise I have gotten as small as a size 4, but it was not sustainable and I was miserable.  I feel best right at a size 6.

As a fitness professional one of my primary goals is to teach women that they get to determine their ideal size and to be comfortable with who they are.

I feel fitness, and the system BJ has created is a great tool for building that relationship with ourselves women often lose sight of.