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B.J. Bliffert

As a “husky” kid growing up I had a blast, until I became self aware.  Then I just became self conscience.

My weight yo-yo’d through high school before topping the scales at 217 pounds in college - BTW, I'm only 5' 6" tall.

Even with a degree in Fitness Management, when the time came to make a change I fell into the same traps everyone does.

When nothing worked, I just did more workout and more cardio. Then I did longer workouts with more intensity, but my body stayed the same and I became frustrated.  All the info I read from the experts seemed to conflict and change almost weekly.

I got to a point where I couldn’t take it, and I finally said...


I started over - focusing on basic, foundational exercises,

Gym class stuff, for lack of better term.

I stopped listening to the popular experts and started rereading some of the classic texts I had collected.

Many were translated texts for the former Soviet Union and what I found lead to my breakthrough.

You need to spend time building a foundation - this was the missing link.  We were lead to believe that high levels of fatigue equate to results, the old Soviet text pointed to systematic progression as the real key.

I discovered, it wasn’t about doing more, or going harder.  It's about doing the right things at the right intensity for my current fitness level.  I needed to be careful not to overstep my body’s ability to naturally recover for training and other stressers in my daily life.

To complement my efforts, I knew I didn’t want to “diet” but something sustainable but flexible so I would NOT be “that guy that can’t eat anything.”

I found nothing but conflicting viewpoints.  I didn’t want a view point, I wanted facts.

I decided to stick with foods I knew were good for me and stay away from foods that had been proven to cause disease in the body and the results were shocking.

After dropping 18 pounds in 3 weeks I knew I was on to something.  Now, I’m on a mission to make my system as simple as possible so others can replicate the results I got.

And, that’s what I have done.

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