The Origin of Full Throttle Athletics

I graduated college fat and out of shape with a Fitness Management Degree.

The irony, right?

Unhappy with myself, I couldn’t believe I had let it get to this point.  You can only tell yourself, “I’m bulking up” for so long.

The cycle that kept repeating.

  1. I’d make a little progress

  2. I'd Screw up

  3. I'd beat myself up over failing, again

  4. I'd start again Monday

Frustrated with my inability to take the weight off and get in shape despite studying the very subject for 4 years of college plus obtaining multiple certifications.

Instead of something new, I looked back… literally.

In addition to my college textbooks I had a collection of translated Soviet Sports manuals.

Something became very apparent as I paged through them.

Unlike the randomness of popular programs, the Soviet manuals laid out a systematic approach to training that lead to:

  • Stronger, toned muscles

  • Lower body fat levels

  • Increased endurance, stamina and energy

In other words... They had a system.

The system seemed almost too simple to work... it had only 6 steps.

  1. Set your goal(s).

  2. Devise your plan.

  3. Implement your plan.

  4. Manage & measure your progress

  5. Revise your plan.

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as needed.

What also stood out was they seemed to build the body the same way you'd build a house - foundation first.

I was trying to build the house from the roof down.

I was working TOO HARD with TOO MUCH VARIETY!

So, I dialed back and built up my “foundation” and it paid off.

My weight started to drop and I wasn’t exhausted all the time. I also got stronger and I really started to enjoy training, again.

I’ve gone from overweight “powerlifter” to being in better shape than most people half my age, I’m 41 for the record.

I've lost nearly 60lbs and have kept it off since 1998.

I knew in order to help people look better, feel better and live longer I'd need to be able to accommodate “the old me”, the “new me” and everybody in between.

The R.P.M. Method does just that.

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