VIP Friends & Family Referral Rewards

Can you help us find 10 people that are just like you?

We’re very excited to announce a special Friends & Family Referral Rewards Program that will allow your friends to test-drive Full Throttle Athletics at a reduced rate AND provide some fun rewards for you!!

Now, in case you're wondering WHY would we make such an amazing offer...

There are actually two reasons:

  • We get to hook you up with free stuff!

  • We're taking a real hard look at how we market Full Throttle Athletics going forward…

As we fill up towards capacity, we would prefer to spend our resources on meeting our existing clients' friends and introducing them to our program.

After all, if we want to add more great folks like we already have, common sense says that your friends - likely people like YOU- are going to be a great fit, right?

So, between 4/2/18 through 4/21/18. For each friend or family member that you refer, you will get a ticket for our raffle of a $250 Amazon gift card.

Simply follow the single step below to participate, help your friends transform their lives and win cool stuff:


  • Email, text, instant message, and/or post on social media the following message:

“Full Throttle Athletics, that awesome place where I train, offers a great VIP Friends & Family special. Check it out at  I’d love to have you join me! :-)”


  • First,  for every friend who purchases the intro offer, you will receive 1 raffle ticket for the grand prize, a $250 Amazon gift card.

  • If you refer 3 friends/family members, you get 3 tickets. Refer get 10! You see where I’m going with this. But remember you only need ONE ticket to win!


  • If your friend/family does decide to join us as a regular client (1-year agreement) you will receive a FREE MONTH* of COACHING!!!! :-D


For the Referral Contest ONLY….

If you’re a referral machine and you happen to:

  • Refer 3 friends/family join (1-year agreements) during the 3 week contest, we will DOUBLE your reward and give you 6 FREE MONTHS OF COACHING!!!!


  • Refer 5 friends/family, we’ll give you a whole YEAR OF FREE COACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Referral Rewards “Rules”

So that we don’t have any awkward or uncomfortable situations, please be clear on the “rules” of the contest and for receiving credit for your referral…

  • Referrals must come by way of direct introduction or through our special referral website

    • -For example, a friend joining by way of a Facebook ad will NOT count.

  • You will receive 1 raffle ticket per friend/family member referred.

  • Friend/family member does not have to come to the same session as client.

  • Free months will only be added to your existing agreement for friends who sign up during their trial for a 12-month program.

  • 3-month programs will not count.

  • 3-month programs that renew/extend into 12-month programs, do not count.

  • Friends/family members who do not join during their trial period, but then come back in the future because of new marketing efforts on the Full Throttle Athletics part, will not count as a referral.

  • Any free months earned will be added to the end of your existing agreement. They cannot be “banked” for later use. If you cancel your agreement prior to the end of your existing agreement, any free months earned will be forfeited.

  • You CAN gift any free months earned to a non-client (someone who has never tried FTA before) if you choose.  :-)

Thank you so much for sharing Full Throttle Athletics with your friends and family. We are so happy and grateful to receive your referrals!!!

BJ and Kori

Full Throttle Athletics

P.S. - If you have any questions about the Referral Rewards, please ask! :)