What People Like You Ask.

Q: Is this Crossfit or like Crossfit

A: No. This is a very common question, especially when people see my facility. But, the fact is, my program is not like Crossfit or Cross fit like.

My Training Philosophy is built on a solid foundation of real science and 20+ years of “in the trenches” experience.

What I do is best described as a Fitness Coaching Program, my role is to provide you with what you need to achieve a result.  My job is not to simply make you tired or host a workout.

As an International Best Selling Author and USA Today Featured World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year, I won’t risk my reputation by using risky protocols that are unfit or even dangerous.

We never compromise the safety of our clients during any training session and always ensure proper technique is observed.  In 20+ years of training, none of my clients have experienced an injury while training under my watch.

Q: How does your Fitness Coaching Program work anyway?

A: My Coaching program uses my Team Training Model which is a twist on the same personal training program I used to help my clients before moving to Texas.

I recognized early on in my career that you can’t fit all your client into a box and provide a cookie cutter solution or steal a program for a popular book like other programs in Frisco.

Each person needs an individualized solution to meet them at their current fitness level, but my clients also benefited from the camaraderie and support of a group made up of people with similar goals.

After much trial and error my Team Training model was born, and it continues to evolve to this day.

It’s truly the best option for most people looking to get in shape and have a social outlet as well.

Q: What types of people sign up for Team Training?

A: If you've made it this far chances are, people just like you.

I focus on helping people in their 30s, 40s and 50s look better, feel better and live longer.

As a parent, that last one is the most important - I exercise regularly and eat healthy so I can be around as long as possible for my daughter.  If this one of your goals, I think we’ll work well together.

Remember: maintaining a healthy weight + Lean muscle + Cardiovascular health = looking better, feeling better and living longer.

Funny how the same things that help you lose weight and look great help you live longer, too!

Q: How do I join your Fitness Coaching Program in Frisco?

A: First things first, I meet with everyone one-on-one is what we call a Success Session.  Here, we just talk.

I want to know about your goals, what your motivation is and if what we do aligns with your goals.

Again, if you’re still reading this, chances are it does.

At the end of this session, I’ll make my professional recommendation for what I feel is the best fit and if that sounds good we finish up your enrollment and you’re a part of the family.

It’s pretty simple and laid back, like most things I do.

Q: What if I’m not very physically fit?

A: Well, the sooner you start the sooner you’ll be fit!

But, seriously, this shouldn’t even be "a thing".  My Fitness Coaching Program and Team Training model will have you on the path to success from Day 1.

I don’t like to focus on what people can’t do, my system set up so everyone can be successful, regardless of where they’re starting from.

This early success ignites the motivation you already have in you to be the best version of yourself by showing you THIS TIME YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

Q: Where’s the location of the Team Training Program?

A: Our Facility is located in Frisco, Texas.

The Address is:

15222 King Rd, Suite 801

Frisco, TX 75034

We are very easy to find if you are traveling from The Colony, Little Elm, Frisco and even Plano.

We are located about 1 mile west of the intersection of Main St. and FM 423 in Frisco.

Q: How often will we meet?

A: My most successful clients train 3 to 5 times per week.  You’ll learn all about our 70/80/90 Rule™ once you become a client and this will make your life so much easier and results come faster.

Our program is based on a flat fee, regardless of how many sessions you attend.

This is a coaching program not exercise classes - you join a program like this to attain a result not just to exercise 3 or so times a week.

If you are unable to come we provide all our clients with training they can do outside of the facility.

Q: What can I expect to achieve?

A: I pride myself on being 100% transparent, not only with my own struggle with weight, food, and fitness but also with the type of results my clients get.

I don’t answer hypotheticals.

You’re an individual and your results will be reflected by the level of your individual efforts.  In these days of participation trophies doing the minimum will get you minimal results.  

Like everything else is life, if you take personal responsibility for your actions and put in the required effort you WILL be rewarded with results that far surpass what you thought you were capable of.

Q: How is this different than the local health club?

A: I have created a unique Fitness Coaching Facility., the only one in Frisco, or North Texas for that matter.

We have a ‘different’ feel and atmosphere. It’s as if “Cheer’s” were a gym. Everybody knows your name. We have worked hard to create this and we have no doubt this is why people get such amazing results.

“Health Clubs” are concerned with member numbers.

I am concerned with client results.

You can only use your “membership” if you show up to the health club, since you are my client (words matter) I am here to help you reach your goals regardless of where you are.

Whether traveling, away on business or just a busy week and you can’t get in to our facility...I have the resources to keep you on track and moving toward your goals.

Q: How is this different than the typical Personal Trainer in Frisco?

A: I’m not sure where to start. As a Fitness Professional, I am really discouraged by what I see going on in gyms by personal trainers around Frisco.

First and foremost, proper exercise technique and movement patterns should be the basis for any fitness program, keeping you safe and delivering an effective workout is goal #1.

Our goal isn’t to just make you “feel” like you got a good workout and tired, anyone can make you tired.

My goal is to get you one step closer to your ultimate goal each time you train with us.

A proper movement assessment, goal setting meeting should be the basis for your training program.

It seems most trainers feel the harder they make you work out the better, not true.

The definition of “client” is “someone under your care’ and we take that very seriously.

Q: Can I pay per workout or just when I come?

A: The fact of the matter is that you need and want to exercise consistently to get results, right?

I’ve found that the second best motivator is having some skin in the game.  My program is based on a flat fee.

We are too good at talking ourselves out of things, without skin in the game we’d probably do that more often than we’d like to admit.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Each session is approx. 45-55 minutes depending on your programming needs.

Space is strictly limited per session and online registration per session is required to secure your spot in each training session.

All session are reserved first come first served. If you can not attend a pre-set appointment we ask that you cancel within 24 hours so someone else may take your spot, if needed.

Q: Will I be sore sometimes?

A: Most people feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days.  After that point, it is little to moderate. It’s part of the process that lets you know you are improving!  After the first two weeks your body will adjust and you’ll find that you’re no longer as sore.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: If at any time during your trial you decide you hate what we do. I give you a full refund.  If we're not a good fit I'd still rather see you invest in your fitness even if it's not with me.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: “Visual Improvement” can take from two to four weeks depending on your effort level and how seriously you follow the nutrition guidelines.

But, again,I pride myself on being 100% transparent, not only with my own struggles with weight, food, and fitness but also with the type of results my clients get.

I don’t answer hypotheticals.

Q: Does the program ever end?

A: My focus is to help you reach your initial goals as fast as possible and then transition you to a maintenance program and then set some new goals for you. We don’t want to see you back in the future as “your old self”.

Nothing breaks my heart more than helping the a client achieve the same goal twice or even three times.

Q: What if I have other questions?

A: You can always call our office directly at 469.362.0453 or email us at info@fullthrottlegym.com and we would be more than happy to answer any additional questions that you may have.

Take action, click the button to see our 7 Step Proven Process that gets you results.  Then schedule your free Success Session and join "The Movement".