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With the individual instruction and push from the coaches, I’ve seen so much growth in what I’m able to accomplish during a workout.  I’m able to work at a higher level and for longer than I did just a few weeks ago.   You’re really not alone on your fitness journey here.  Everyone is so encouraging.  In addition to having the coaches running the session making sure you are using the correct form, the accountability of having to schedule your workout like you do an appointment has been key for me.

For years, I’ve put everyone else ahead of me, but when I have a scheduled session it makes me commit to it.  When I know they reserved that spot for me, it motivates me to go no matter what.  I am always glad that I do… especially now that I see the changes in my body!!

-Kelly S.

First of all, my experience has been amazing. Most importantly I’ve learned that I’m worth taking care of.  So many times, I have joined other gyms and hired personal trainers to help me get back on the “right track”.  Every time I ended up hurt and discouraged.  When my husband told me about this program I have to admit, I was skeptical again.  He kept saying how much he liked it and that he thought it would be a good place for me.  I’m glad he convinced me to give it a try.  I’m completely hooked.  I’m addicted to strength training and seeing even greater results.  My eating hasn’t been this clean in many years, I feel great.  I thought I knew how to “lose weight”, but I’ve realized that I need to change my eating habits for life.  NO MORE DIETS!  I have met some awesome people and I love the encouragement I get from all of them.  The whole experience has changed my life.  I am so happy!  I owe a lot to the coaches!  Thanks for pushing me.  I plan to continue moving forward, I feel that this is the right place for me.

-Shawn C.

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My Experience so far has broadened my spectrum of fitness.  I am a seasoned runner and have never had experience with weight lifting, prior to training with BJ and Kori.  The last six weeks have been amazing.  I feel and look so much stronger, my running pace has gotten faster, and I have seen muscles I never even knew I had!!  Not only that, but I feel so much more confident in the way I carry myself.  My goal going into the program was to learn proper weight lifting technique, increase my muscle mass, and to have fun.  I feel like I have accomplished all those goals and then some, including some great new friendships!  I wanted results and I definitely got them!  I highly recommend the program to anyone who is serious about toning their body!!  It is absolutely the best program out there!!  Thank you!!

-Lindsay M.

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I cannot overstate how much I enjoy the atmosphere, and how effective their program is.  Being analytical by nature I started doing research a few years ago to help improve my workouts, reading articles and books by all the most respected fitness authors in the business.  This eventually led me to BJ’s program, which incorporates all of the best and cutting edge training methods out there.  Stuff you cannot find at a large "Gyms R Us" type place, or training videos.  Not only that, unlike some programs, because they are sticklers about making sure you do the workout correctly, the risk of getting set back by an injury is minimal.  All you have to do is follow the directions and do the work. I finally broke through a weight threshold I have not been able to get through for 20 years working out on my own.  Still have some work to get where I want to be, but now I have a roadmap and the encouragement and motivation from a great group of people to help me get there.

-Darrell C.

I have never really lifted before, not until I started here. I lost some major weight after starting, but I was never crazy strong so the strength component has been huge for me. Not only am I lifting what I consider to be pretty impressive numbers, I look better.

I didn't expect a lot of physique expectations. I had (and still have) a little leaning up to do, but I didn't expect to see a lot of change. In the six weeks of the challenge, I've gained tone I didn't expect to ever see. I'm really glad I participated, and excited to keep progressing toward heavier lifts, lower body fat, and more muscle tone.

-Jessica N

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I have done things I didn't think I could do, I have lifted things I never thought I could lift and the whole experience is so positive.  The camaraderie among the clients reminded me of when I was competing at a professional level when I was younger (volleyball).  I didn't realize how much I missed that feeling of being on a team.  It was great to go in there and know everyone from staff to participants were there to keep you honest and make you dig down deep to get that extra rep or 1 more burpee.  I am not the most disciplined person when it comes to food, but I am still thrilled with my results.

-Nikki Z.

When I joined I didn’t really know what to expect.  I had been working out for the last year with a local boot camp.  While it may have worked for some, all the sprints and intervals were hurting my knees.  The first week it became obvious the I had been taught how to do most of the exercises wrong while in bootcamp.  After a couple of months training with BJ and Kori, my knees stopped hurting and I found myself enjoying the workouts.

The coaches are phenomenal and are always making sure I am doing the exercise or movement correctly and if necessary a modification.  Their constant encouragement makes it all the more fun.

I have come to love the feeling of being strong. I look forward to working out and seeing what progress I have made on my new journey along with my new teammates!

This isn’t a gym, it is like family and the kindred spirits and friendships all combine to make the journey to being fit an exciting one.

I can't thank you enough for getting to where I am today.

-Ginger E.

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I am making better choices with regard to food and drink and that was my main goal.  I keep thinking about the quote on the board, "you have the body you have earned" before I eat junk food and it helps me make the right choice.  I have a lot of fun and met great people that keep me motivated. I'm not done losing yet, but I'm on my way to my goal, and that is what matters!!

-Claudia T

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In January, I was wearing a size 12/10 pant and sleepy all the time.  I tried to nap daily when my daughters did, but was still very low on energy.  Now I am a size 4 and have so much energy.  I’ve lost 5 inches around my waist and I don't need naps anymore and have the energy to run around with my girls.  Usually during the summer, I wore jeans or Capri pants. This is the first summer I’ve felt confident enough to wear shorts.

Stephanie E.

Before working out with BJ I had tension headaches almost daily. I also could not lift the bar or do a squat. Well my tension headaches were gone after the first week and now I can accomplish both lifting the bar and I am a squat pro. Thanks for all the help and hard work.

-Janelle W.

Hello, My name is Debbie.  I am a food addict.

One year ago, I decided to give this a try.  My inner athlete peaked her little head out and it felt good to sweat.  As I progressed, I got more confidence.

My body fat has decreased as has my waist.  I have finally embraced the fact that it's a "lifestyle" and not a temporary diet where you have short-term success, then go back to your cheating ways.  A vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting that is NO FUN and NOT SUCCESSFUL.

I have met and got to know the other clients and feel a part of a larger 'community'.  I have dug deeper than I thought I could at my advanced age and weight and am stronger than I thought I was.  I have a ways to go mentally with my approach to food, but with the coaches’ help, I have come incredibly far physically.

Thank you for offering a safe, fun, and competitive community where I feel a part of a healthy family.  And thank you for kicking my butt in gear when I need it.


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BJ has played a major part in improving my overall fitness level and directly contributed to my success in achieving my personal fitness goals.  Unlike myriads of programs out there today that offer a “one size-fits-all” training solution and lack results the program BJ tailored specifically to me.

I wanted a program that would allow me to improve my overall fitness, increase my performance and minimize potential for injury as a long-distance runner.  BJ identified specific areas of muscle imbalance, weakness and asymmetry, and continually adjusted the program based on my performance needs and progress.

I saw measurable improvements in strength and mobility elevating my running to a new level. 

This program is perfect for anyone who wants top-notch training to achieve your physical fitness goals.

- Kimberly R.

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